Respect for Human Rights, the Development of Human Resources, and the Promotion of Diversity


The Group will respect human rights in all business activities, and promote the development and diversity of human resources.

Awareness of Issues

The Group respects human rights as the basis for all business activities. Amidst rising global interest in human rights, it is important to comply with this policy and respect the human rights of the Group and all stakeholders. Furthermore, we believe that the development and diversification of human resources is indispensable for the growth of our business and the sustainable development of the Group.

Respect for Human Rights

The Shin-Etsu Chemical Group supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. At the same time, we respect basic human rights in accordance with the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We conduct our business based on the constant respect for human rights at our locations around the world. In May 2019, we compiled this policy into the "Human Rights Policy", thoroughly implemented it within the Group, and disseminated it to public.

In addition, in order to confirm the status of compliance with our Human Rights Policy, we conduct an annual survey of our consolidated companies regarding items related to respecting human rights1, labor management, and whether employment is properly implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country and region. Furthermore, we consider human rights impacts on local communities when building new plants.

1Items related to respecting human rights
Prohibition of child labor, proper working hours, decent wages, proper employment contract in writing, prohibition of inhuman treatment, prohibition of discrimination, freedom of association

The Shin-Etsu Group Human Rights Policy

The Shin-Etsu Group Human Rights Policy

Shin-Etsu Group (the "Group") engages in business based on its Business Principle, "The Group strictly complies with all laws and regulations, conducts fair business practices and creates unrivaled value for society and industry through the provision of key materials and technologies." The foundation of this is respect for human rights. The Group respects the human rights of all individuals. All our Group companies worldwide respect human rights perpetually in accordance with the international code of conduct and actively promote the following actions to respect human rights.

Respect for Human Rights

  1. 1. Prohibition of discrimination
    We do not discriminate at all on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, personal views, beliefs, age, social status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identification, labor union participation, health, marital status, political opinion, or any other status.
  2. 2. Prohibition of damaging human dignity
    We do not in any case conduct sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment or any other acts that damage human dignity.
  3. 3. Protection of privacy
    We protect the privacy of individuals and handle personal information properly in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of each country.
  4. 4. Respect for basic labor rights
    We respect the workers' right to organize, the right of collective bargaining, and further rights given to workers to establish, maintain, and improve trust and good cooperative relationships through dialogue between labor and management.
  5. 5. Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
    We prohibit our operations in all countries and regions from using child labor in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of each country. We also prohibit the use of forced labor.
  • International code of conduct
    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labour Standards, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, UN Global Compact's 10 Principles, etc.

Activities for Respecting Human Rights

  1. 1. Human rights awareness
    The people responsible for human resources in each business site and company of the Group will strive to develop the proper understanding of human rights and awareness of respect for human rights through activities including education for employees on human rights.
  2. 2. Human resources development
    The Group will create an environment in which diverse individuals can work at their full capacity and equally give all employees opportunities aligned with their aptitudes to develop and utilize their abilities.
  3. 3. Working environment
    The Group will make efforts to create a sound and comfortable working environment and to ensure safety.
  4. 4. Prevention of human rights infringement
    The Group will make efforts to prevent the infringement of human rights in the course of business activities by conducting human rights due diligence in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  5. 5. Measures for handling issues
    If there are concerns regarding human rights infringement in our business activities, the Group will take appropriate measures promptly to resolve them.
  6. 6. Promotion of respect for human rights
    The Group will encourage all people associated with the Group to comply with international standards for human rights.
  • Human rights due diligence
    To regularly implement the identification, evaluation, preventative/corrective measures, investigation, monitoring, and information disclosure of human rights risks in accordance with the Group's human rights policy.

Established on May 21, 2019

Human Rights Due Diligence

Human Rights Promotion Structure

The Human Rights Due Diligence Subcommittee established within the Sustainability Committee and the Shin-Etsu Chemcial’s Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Committee play a central role in promoting overall human rights due diligence based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The subcommittee formulates human rights policies, conducts human rights risk surveys for the Group, identifies priority human rights risk issues, and the establishment and maintenance of a system for consulting and reporting on human rights in cooperation with relevant departments.

Furthermore, the company is a member of both the Industrial Federation for Human Rights, Tokyo and the Corporate Federation for Dowa and Human Rights Issue, Osaka. We discover human rights developments and obtain latest information through federation activities and training sessions held by administrative organizations to promote awareness of human rights.

Conducting Human Rights Risk Surveys

In December 2019, we began conducting human rights risk surveys with all Group companies to identify human rights risks in the Group's value chain. As a result, we were able to confirm that no serious violations of human rights had occurred that conflicted with our human rights policy. The Group will continue to conduct corporate activities based on respect for human rights.

Identification of Priority Issues for Human Rights Risks

In FY2021, we evaluated the priority of human rights issues based on the risks assumed for the Group from the two axes of "severity of potential impact on human rights" and "relationship between human rights risk and the company". As a result, the Group identified potential risks related to health and safety and working hours as high. In addition, in an analysis of the responses to the human rights risk survey, approximately 40% of Group companies responded that human rights management in the supply chain is important, indicating the need to promote efforts to respect human rights throughout the supply chain. The results of the evaluation were reported to the outside directors and outside audit & supervisory board members. The received comments and the survey results were disseminated throughout the Group as the priority risks for human rights risks of the Group. We will continue to address priority issues step by step.

Identification of Priority Issues for Human Rights Risks

Initiatives for FY2022
Working hours:
The Shin-Etsu Group is actively working to introduce a system to accurately grasp working hours based on computer logs and other information. In addition, we are promoting the development of systems and working environments that enable flexible and highly productive work styles, such as the flextime system and telecommuting.

Health and safety:
We create the "Shin-Etsu Group Environmental Safety Management Plan", and are working to set specific numerical targets for occupational safety.

Implementation Status, Evaluation, and Planned Implementation Items

Supply Chain Management:
Starting in 2022, we sent the "Shin-Etsu Group Human Rights Policy," "Basic Procurement Policy," and "CSR Procurement Guidelines" to our major business partners, and we shared our policies regarding sustainability activities, including respect for human rights. In addition, we asked for cooperation in responding to a questionnaire regarding sustainability initiatives, including human rights, and confirmed the status of sustainability initiatives at our business partners.

Implementation of Human Rights Awareness Education

The subcommittee works with the Shin-Etsu Chemcial’s Human Rights Enlightenment Promotion Committee to promote awareness and education of human rights. This committee holds regular human rights awareness training for directors and employees. Human rights Q & A are serialized in our internal company newspaper, and the committee asks people to submit human rights enlightenment mottos to coincide with our annual human rights week in December. In FY2022, we conducted 40 training sessions on respect for human rights, with 988 employees participating in the training. In the training, basic knowledge and countermeasures regarding power harassment, sexual harassment, LGBTQ, etc. were explained, and efforts were made to raise employee awareness of human rights.

Harassment education(March 2021, Shinano Electric Refining Co., Ltd.)

Harassment education
(March 2022, Shinano Electric Refining Co., Ltd.)

Consulting and Reporting on Human Rights

Our group has the following three contact points. The confidentiality of consulters and whistleblowers will be protected, and they will not be treated unfavorably for consulting or reporting.

  • ・Compliance Consultation Office
    Officers, employees, advisors, contract employees, part-time employees, and temporary employees can report by email or phone.
  • ・Dial Shin-Etsu
    Domestic employees, advisors, contract employees, part-time employees, and temporary employees can consult anonymously by phone.
  • ・Supplier Hotline
    Our Group's suppliers can report by e-mail.