Supplier Hotline

The management principle of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Shin-Etsu Group”) is to conduct fair business practices in compliance with all laws and regulations. The purpose of the Supplier Hotline is to ensure the transparency and fairness of transactions between the Shin-Etsu Group and its business partners and thereby maintain and develop our business relationship.

It encourages our business partners to provide information when they recognize any violation of laws, etc. by an employee, etc. of the Shin-Etsu Group in the course of transactions with the Shin-Etsu Group (or where is suspicion that such a violation has taken place) in order to resolve the relevant problem.

The Shin-Etsu Group confirms the facts based on the details of reports and takes appropriate measures. We may request that persons making reports (hereinafter referred to as the “reporters”)cooperate with us in order that we may confirm the facts, investigate, and carry out other tasks.

The Shin-Etsu Group will not disadvantage reporter and the reporter’s company based on his or her reports. However, the above does not apply if any person intentionally makes a report containing incorrect information.

When reporting, please use the Supplier Hotline Entry Form below.

The personal information of reporters will be strictly handled and be used only for the purpose of confirming the reported facts, conducting investigation and so on.

For other handling of personal information, please confirm the Personal Information Protection Policy of the Shin-Etsu Group ( If you agree with the Personal Information Protection Policy, please click the following button and proceed to the Entry Form. You may report in any languages/letters.


I agree with the Personal Information Protection Policy.


The reports are protected by encryption (SSL communication). Please note in advance that if you use any browser not supporting SSL, your report may not be transmitted.

You must install software that enables your computer to read PDF files. To install  ADOBE READER®, click the button to obtain this software from the prescribed site.