Research and Development

Research and Development Policy

We can only grow by testing the boundaries of current knowledge. R&D is a crucial asset for us, and is our engine for driving the way forward. At Shin-Etsu Chemical, our R&D teams proactively aspire to satisfy current demand while simultaneously envisioning future global needs.

Sales, R&D and Production: Our Three Interlocking Pillars for Manufacturing

At Shin-Etsu Chemical, we engage in R&D with a keen ear for our customers’ needs. This is only possible through our unique R&D framework, where sales, R&D and production collaborate in a three-pillar system. By establishing all our R&D centers within our plants, these centers can closely cooperate with each business and manufacturing division. In essence, our sales divisions share information on market demands with the R&D divisions, which in turn use this information to select new topics for research, and the development divisions work to create new materials according to these research topics. Meanwhile, they work closely with production divisions to conduct practical R&D initiatives to take advantage of the plants’ and facilities’ production capabilities. This system means we can develop products swiftly to satisfy customer needs.

Original Initiatives in Materials Development to Create New Value

At Shin-Etsu Chemical, we have solved all kinds of problems for customers by applying materials with unique characteristics and superior capabilities. These materials have achieved breakthroughs in many different industries, and we will continue to develop new materials wherever we identify a need. Shin-Etsu Chemical conducts R&D initiatives with a unique approach to selecting research topics. Applying this approach ensures that each topic we choose will cater to the needs of the next generation, and helps us to seek out unique topics as yet unexplored by others. It is through these initiatives that we have secured the top global or Japanese market share in many fields, including PVC resins, silicon wafers and silicones, cellulose, synthetic pheromone, rare-earth magnets, and synthetic quartz. Shin-Etsu Chemical is truly taking the lead in cutting-edge research and development.

Introduction of Research Center