The foundation of all activities: legal compliance, fair corporate activities

Awareness of Issues

The Group's Business Principle is "The Group strictly complies with all laws and regulations, conducts fair business practices and contributes to people's daily lives as well as to the advance of industry and society by creating value through the provision of key materials and technologies." Compliance with laws and regulations and fair corporate activities are the foundation of all of our corporate activities.
We recognize that the long-term development of a company depends not only on legal compliance, but also on the efforts of each employee to engage in daily work with a high sense of ethics as a code of conduct.

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • ・Impact of legal violations and improprieties on corporate management.
  • ・Damage to corporate value due to loss of trust from society.


  • ・Ensuring thorough legal compliance and fair corporate activities leads to:
    ① Formation of the foundation of corporate value
    ② Elimination of risks
    ③ Building customer trust and expanding business opportunities
    ④ Hiring and retaining excellent human resources

Shin-Etsu Group approach

■ Policy

The Group will make all-out efforts for compliance and to conduct business fairly.

Basic approach

  • ・Raising compliance awareness among officers and employees through training, etc.
  • ・Ensuring thorough prevention of the provision of unfair benefits or unfair demands in order to aim at preventing corruption
  • ・Cutting ties with Anti-social Forces

Performance and Outcome