Product quality improvements and product safety control

Awareness of issues

The superior quality of general-purpose products as well as high-value-added products will lead to price competitiveness and leading to a high level of advantage. In order to ensure a stable supply of products, it is essential that the sales, research, production, quality assurance, and shipment depertments fulfill their respective roles. In addition, we recognize that product quality is an important factor not only in terms of characteristics, but also in terms of environmental and health safety. The Group is working to achieve “zero quality problem”.

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • ・Loss of trust due to product quality issues.
  • ・Direct or indirect impacts on product safety.


  • ・Earn the trust of customers based on our track record of delivering products of promised quality on time.
  • ・Efforts to ensure product safety lead to trust from customers and society.

Shin-Etsu Group approach

■ Policy

The Group will stably provide high-quality products to customers.

Basic approach

  • ・Quality control
  • ・Quality Audits and Support
  • ・Product Safety Control

Performance and Outcome