Respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity

Awareness of Issues

The Group recognizes respect for human rights as the basis for all business activities.
Amid rising global interest in human rights, we recognize that it is important to comply with this policy and respect the human rights of the Group and all stakeholders. Furthermore, we believe that the development and diversification of human resources is indispensable for the growth of our business and the sustainable development of the Group.

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • ・ The occurrence of human rights infringements in the Group's business activities and supply chain.
  • ・ The effectiveness of human resource development through on-the-job training varies by division.
  • ・ Performance-based and human resource diversity are affinity, but the negative impacts of performance-based theory arise.


  • ・ Recruitment and stable employment of talented people through business activities based on respect for human rights.
  • ・ Train employees with excellent practical skills through on-the-job training.
  • ・ The vitality provided by a corporate culture in which employees set their own goals and take on the challenge of achieving them.
  • ・ Equal opportunity and performance-based evaluation systems enable the recruitment, development, and selection of capable personnel, leading to business growth and the cultivation of new businesses.

Shin-Etsu Group approach

■ Policy

The Group will respect human rights in all business activities, and promote the development and diversity of human resources.

Basic approach

  • ・Supporting employee growth through a training system
  • ・Improving employees motivation through performance-based personnel evaluation systems and equal opportunities
  • ・Promotion of Diversity
  • ・Enhancement of work-life balance system
  • ・Implementation of human rights due diligence