Promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources


Awareness of issues

Environmental destruction and human rights infringement at raw material suppliers are important management risks. We have been working on CSR procurement more than ever before, and in accordance with our CSR Procurement Guidelines, we confirm the fairness of our suppliers' activities.
We also recognize that stable procurement of high-quality raw materials at reasonable prices leads to stable production and high-quality products.

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • ・Impact of inability to procure raw materials, such as discontinuation of manufacture and shipment delay to customers.
  • ・Problems arising in the supply chain.


  • ・Procurement of raw materials at optimal prices through multiple supply sources.
  • ・Earn the trust from customers and society by thoroughly implementing CSR procurement.

Shin-Etsu Group approach

■ Policy

The Group will take measures to ensure stable procurement of raw materials based on fair procurement.

Basic approach

  • ・Revision of Shin-Etsu Group CSR Procurement Guidelines
  • ・Compliance with subcontracting law through attendance of seminars and internal audit
  • ・Initiatives Aimed at Eliminating the Use of Conflict Minerals
  • ・Implementation of Supplier CSR Procurement Survey