Respect for and protection of intellectual property

Awareness of Issues

The Group believes that intellectual property, including products and technologies developed in-house, is an important information asset and that strict control is necessary. At the same time, we recognize the importance of respecting the intellectual property of others.
We properly manage information possessed by the Group, including intellectual property, sales information, and technical information, and we are working to prevent information leaks and cyber attacks while paying careful attention to them.

Major Risks and Opportunities


  • ・ The adverse effect on product sales due to infringement of our intellectual property.
  • ・ Restrictions on our product sales and business by patents of others.
  • ・ Impact of cyber attacks on production, sales, and research activities.
  • ・ Loss of trust in the Company due to information leakage.


  • ・ Promote product development and unique manufacturing methods by protecting and utilizing our intellectual property.
  • ・ Contributing to the development of industry and society by publishing inventions.
  • ・ Implement technology innovation and operational reforms by utilizing digital technologies while thoroughly protecting and managing information assets and taking measures against cyber attacks.

Shin-Etsu Group approach

■ Policy

The Group will protect and respect intellectual property and manage information assets appropriately and strictly.

Basic approach

  • ・Intellectual property management
  • ・Initiatives for information asset management
  • ・Protection of personal information
  • ・Initiatives for cyber security

Performance and Outcome