Respect for and protection of intellectual property

Intellectual Property Management

The Company has established the "Basic Regulations for Intellectual Properties," which stipulate the regulations regarding the acquisition, management, and utilization of intellectual property assets. We acquire useful and highly original intellectual property assets based on these regulations and we protect them from infringement by third parties. These regulations also require us to respect all intellectual property rights of third parties.
In addition, employees who have devised useful inventions, improvements, and devices at work have been awarded under the following systems:

Actual Compensation Awards

A system to recognize and award employees who have created an invention or idea which greatly contributed to the company in the form of patents

Multiple Inventor Awards

A system to recognize employees who have made a large number of inventions and acquired a large number of patent rights in the company

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Employee Initiatives

Shin-Etsu Chemical, Head Office Mr. KY, Patent Department

Shin-Etsu Chemical, Head Office
Mr. KY, Patent Department

Working to protect the intellectual property assets of both our company and third parties

1. Please tell us about your job.
I am mainly responsible for acquiring the patent rights of intellectual property assets such as inventions, which are the result of our R&D activities, and for examining the content of third-party intellectual property rights.

2. How do you protect our intellectual property assets?
We protect intellectual property assets, such as inventions obtained through research and development, against infringement by a third party mainly by acquiring patent rights. Our technologies are developed worldwide, so we promote the acquisition of rights not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world. In addition, if the intellectual property asset that we acquired is not something that should be disclosed, the Group strives to protect it in a manner that is deemed appropriate, such as concealing it as know-how.

3. Please tell us about your initiatives to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of other companies.
First, I examine publicly disclosed patent releases of third parties related to our operations and new businesses. Then we hold regular review meetings with relevant divisions to closely examine the content of such information and share it with the participants of the meetings. Through these measures, R&D activities can be promoted to protect and respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, so that we can determine the way to move forward without infringing their rights and complete application procedures with the patent office where necessary.

Selected as a Derwent Top 100 Global InnovatorTM for the Tenth Consecutive Year

For the tenth consecutive year, the company has been awarded the Top 100 Global InnovatorTM, which identifies and celebrates the world's most innovative companies and organizations.
The award is granted by Clarivate (United States)?a global information services company that analyzes intellectual property assets and patent trends based on its patent data?to the world's leading companies and organizations that are engaged in protecting original inventions with intellectual property rights, and successfully commercializing them.

Selected as a Derwent Top 100 Global InnovatorTM for the Tenth Consecutive Year

Initiatives for Information Asset Management

For daily business operations and smooth communication, it is extremely important to use information assets effectively. On the other hand, the risk of information being leaked or otherwise mishandled is growing due to the inappropriate management of information assets. For this reason, all personnel who handle information are required to understand the importance of information assets and manage and use them properly. In the case of an emergency, we must prevent it from becoming worse and affecting other operations, and make the greatest possible effort to maintain information security on a Group-wide basis.
Regulations are set under the "Information Asset Management Basic Policy" to protect, utilize, control, and manage information assets.
Furthermore, related rules and regulations such as "Information Asset Management Standards" stipulate the details concerning the handling, management, retention period, and discarding of all information related to our customers and suppliers. In addition, we have formulated the "Standards for Preventing Technology Leaks" in order to prevent the outflow of technologies.
We also regularly carry out training related to information asset management, check the status of compliance with the "Information Asset Management Basic Policy" and other rules, and perform internal audits.

Employee Initiatives

Skyward Information System Head Office, Mr. MO & Mr. TK

Skyward Information System Head Office,
Mr. MO & Mr. TK

Increasing employees' awareness of network attacks

1. Please tell us about your job.
We are in charge of the security management of the networks and servers of the Shin-Etsu Group.

2. How do you work on cybersecurity?
As a division in charge of cybersecurity, we put in place a scheme to engage in multiple-layer defense for security measures and detect intrusions. During the FY 2020, we upgraded the cybersecurity of all Shin-Etsu Group companies to a level on par with Shin-Etsu Chemical. Moreover, we elevated sensitivity to newest ransomware and took necessary actions. In addition to defending with systems, we strive to raise awareness on the part of system users.

3. What kind of training are you conducting Specifically?
Every year, we conduct training to recognize the dangers of targeted email attack. The training is conduct at Shin-Etsu Chemical and its group companies 4 times a year by sending an email to all employees describing the latest method of targeted email attack. After the training is completed, explanatory materials for targeted attack emails are distributed to all participants, and the participants who have opened two or more emails receive additional training individually. Email-based attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and will continue to occur going forward. We will gradually introduce the necessary measures in terms of the system and raise the awareness of users.

Protection of Personal Information

In order to properly protect personal information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we have established a "Privacy Policy," which is available on our website.
We also educate our staff on laws and regulations and hold lectures regarding personal information protection in trainings for each staff rank in order to ensure the appropriate handling and protection of personal information.
Group companies in the EU area comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR),1 which came into force in May 2018.

  • 1 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    The General Data Protection Regulation stipulates on the handling and transfer of personal information. EU member countries had their own regulations to protect personal data, and these regulations were unified under the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.

Cyber Security

In preparation for cyber-attacks, we have bolstered our surveillance system with an intrusion detection service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and received security diagnoses from external contractors. We also continue to take necessary security measures.
We have deployed a system to prevent targeted email attacks. In addition to measures for preventing intrusions, we are strengthening our measures for detecting and analyzing attacks. Furthermore, we have separated the information network from the control network to minimize the impact of any incidents.
We also conduct targeted email attack drills every year to raise the security awareness of employees while establishing a system to respond to possible incidents.