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System for Work-life Balance

Childcare Support System

The Group supports employees' childbirth and childcare. The Company has published the "Childbirth and Childcare Guidebook," which summarizes the governmental systems and procedures related to childbirth and childcare. Employees can use the company's childcare leave system for children up to three years old. About 30 employees on average use the childcare leave system in the company and consolidated companies in Japan. In addition, we grant a paid leave of five days to an employee whose spouse gives birth. Employees are allowed to use the short-time work system, which shortens their working hours for a maximum of two hours a day. This system can be used until their children graduate from elementary school.
Furthermore, we will promote use of the teleworking system.

Childcare is supported according to local laws and regulations in overseas Group companies.

Main System for Childcare Support (Shin-Etsu Chemical)

Main System for Childcare Support (Shin-Etsu Chemical)

  • * From October 2017 onwards, employees can take childcare leave until their child reaches the age of two, provided they meet certain conditions.

Number of Employees Who have Taken Childcare Leave

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Shin-Etsu Chemical (Non?consolidated) 0 11 1 8 7 8
Consolidated in Japan 1 35 2 26 12 24
Consolidated 90 100 71 91 84 66
  • * The length of childcare leave differs from country to country, because the program is based on local laws.

Nursing Care Leave System

Nursing Care Leave System

The Group has a nursing care leave system as shown in the chart on the right. The system enables employees to work in the company while caring for elders.

The "Nursing Care Guidebook" is issued in which all of the necessary information on our nursing care system and care insurance is provided. Furthermore, we started health care and nursing support services in FY2014 to provide counseling by external experts.

Main System for the Nursing Care System (Shin-Etsu Chemical)

Main System for the Nursing Care System (Shin-Etsu Chemical)

Number of Employees Who Have Taken Nursing Care Leave

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Consolidated in Japan 0 3 2

Welfare and Benefits

Saved Holidays System

If the annual paid leave granted in accordance with labor regulations has expired without being taken, a certain number of days can be treated as saved holidays. Employees may use these saved holidays for nursing care, for injury or illness, for volunteer work for regional disasters, or for donating organs or bone marrow transplants.

Counseling Hotline for Employees

As a counseling service for troubles at work or other issues, we have set up Dial Shin-Etsu, which is staffed by external counselors, who are specialists from outside of the company. Consultations are received anonymously and treated with strict confidentiality, but if requested by the consulter, the counselor will contact the Personnel and Labor Relations Department to discuss possible solutions.

Shinkansen Commuting Allowance System

Since 1989, the Group has allowed employees to commute by Shinkansen at company expense. This system allows employees who relocate from Gunma Fukushima Prefectures, where our plants are located, to work in the Tokyo area without changing their lifestyles or educational environments. This also, promote employees to own houses.
As of March 2021, 71 employees have used this system.

Other Systems

The Dr. Kanagawa Scholarship was established in June 2012 for employees to study at Clark College in Washington, USA, for one year. This scholarship was created due to the relationship of trust that was built over many years between the college and our Chairman, Dr. Kanagawa.
In addition, we have established asset-building schemes, an employee shareholding system, and mutual aid groups to provide support for weddings, childbirths, and sudden hospitalizations of family members.

Welfare and Benefits Facilities

We have dormitories and company housing near the head office and plants for employees who live outside the commutable area. We also have directly operated recreational facilities in Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Fukushima, and Niigata Prefectures. The Group's employees can use these facilities with family and friends. Furthermore, we have partnerships with external recreational facilities, and subsidies are given to the users.

Shin-Etsu Chemical Hakone Shinsensou (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Shin-Etsu Chemical Hakone Shinsensou (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Labor-management Relations

The company engages in various dialogues with the Shin-Etsu Chemical Labor Union to promote mutual understanding between labor and management. The Central Labor-Management Meeting is held once a month at the head office and is attended by top management. They engage in thorough discussions with the labor union on subjects such as the management policy, overview on individual businesses, and personnel systems. Each business site also holds a monthly local labor meeting with the local branch of the Shin-Etsu Chemical Labor Union.
Repeated dialogues and discussions between labor and management deepen mutual understanding and trust and facilitate the expansion of business operations in which staff and management can come together to respond quickly to the changing business environment.

  • * Personnel subject to human resource development and promotion of diversity in the Group are the employees of and loaned employees from Shin-Etsu Chemical.

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