Encyclopedia of Shin-Etsu Chemical Products(Functional Materials)

Encyclopedia of
Shin-Etsu Chemical Products

– You surely come across Shin-Etsu somewhere –

Perhaps many of you will say that you “have never seen any Shin-Etsu Chemical products.”
However, you are almost certain to have encountered them somewhere already. This is because, in most cases, our name isn’t written anywhere on these products, making them unnoticeable. Here, we will remedy this issue by introducing the many places in which “Shin-Etsu” can be found in our work and daily lives.

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Semiconductor Silicon
Electronics Materials

Column Silicon (Si) and Shin-Etsu Chemical

What is Functional Materials?

  • Specialty chemicals produce functionality that fulfills a variety of purposes that are in demand. For example, cellulose can control the location within the human body in which drugs dissolve, and at what speed, and synthetic pheromones are used in environmentally friendly repelling agents utilized in pest control.
Products Applications
Cellulose Cellulose is used as a coating material for medicinal tablets, as it performs several useful functions, including controlling the location within the human body in which drugs dissolve and ensuring that drugs dissolve gradually. In general industry, cellulose is a material used to assist molding processes conducted during the manufacture of exhaust gas purifiers in automobiles.
Synthetic pheromones Synthetic pheromones act as pest control agents ideal for the current era, in which food safety and security is in particularly high demand. By artificially synthesizing the pheromones that harmful insects secrete, we can disturb their communication and keep their reproduction in check. These synthesized pheromones do not impact beneficial insects or other living organisms or cause any environmental burden. For these reasons, their use is spreading in the field of agricultural produce.
Silicon metal Silicon metal is a raw material found in a variety of products, including silicone, semiconductor silicon and synthetic quartz.
Liquid fluoroelastomers Liquid fluoroelastomers are used as coating materials for smartphone screens and eyeglass lenses to defend against fingerprints and other impurities.
Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate based copolymer Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate based copolymer is a modified resin with excellent adhesion and solubility and can be found in familiar products, including paints, inks and adhesives.