Encyclopedia of Shin-Etsu Chemical Products(PVC)

Encyclopedia of
Shin-Etsu Chemical Products

– You surely come across Shin-Etsu somewhere –

Perhaps many of you will say that you “have never seen any Shin-Etsu Chemical products.”
However, you are almost certain to have encountered them somewhere already. This is because, in most cases, our name isn’t written anywhere on these products, making them unnoticeable. Here, we will remedy this issue by introducing the many places in which “Shin-Etsu” can be found in our work and daily lives.

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Semiconductor Silicon
Electronics Materials

Column Silicon (Si) and Shin-Etsu Chemical

What is PVC?

  • Out of all plastics, PVC has many characteristic advantages, including flame resistance, exceptional durability, and the ease of processing.
  • PVC is applied in a wide range of categories that make use of its many advantages, including infrastructure such as water and sewerage pipes and electric wire, as well as homes and everyday products.

  • Most plastics contain raw materials made using petroleum, but one of the raw materials of PVC is chlorine, which is made from salt. This is another one of PVC’s unique features.