Encyclopedia of Shin-Etsu Chemical Products(Semiconductor Silicon)

Encyclopedia of
Shin-Etsu Chemical Products

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Perhaps many of you will say that you “have never seen any Shin-Etsu Chemical products.”
However, you are almost certain to have encountered them somewhere already. This is because, in most cases, our name isn’t written anywhere on these products, making them unnoticeable. Here, we will remedy this issue by introducing the many places in which “Shin-Etsu” can be found in our work and daily lives.

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Semiconductor Silicon
Electronics and Materials

Column Silicon (Si) and Shin-Etsu Chemical

What is Semiconductor Silicon?

  • Semiconductors widely play an active role in many areas, ranging from familiar devices, such as smartphones, home appliances and automobiles, to cutting-edge technologies, including AI and the IoT. Silicon wafers, which are thin slices of single crystal silicon ingots, are used as a basic material for semiconductors.

  • Silicon, an element that ranks just behind oxygen in terms of its abundance on Earth, is the raw material used in silicon wafers. Owing to its abundance, it can be stably used without concern for the depletion of natural resources.