Encyclopedia of Shin-Etsu Chemical Products(Electronics Materials)

Encyclopedia of
Shin-Etsu Chemical Products

– You surely come across Shin-Etsu somewhere –

Perhaps many of you will say that you “have never seen any Shin-Etsu Chemical products.”
However, you are almost certain to have encountered them somewhere already. This is because, in most cases, our name isn’t written anywhere on these products, making them unnoticeable. Here, we will remedy this issue by introducing the many places in which “Shin-Etsu” can be found in our work and daily lives.

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Semiconductor Silicon
Electronics Materials

Column Silicon (Si) and Shin-Etsu Chemical

What is Electronics Materials?

  • Society is currently facing issues spanning a number of fields. These include: the reduction of energy consumption, the use of big data and the creation of comfortable communication environments. Shin-Etsu’s diverse electronics materials are resolving these issues.
Products Applications
Rare earth magnets Shin-Etsu’s rare earth magnets are used in a variety of motors found in compressors for automobiles and air conditioners, wind power generators, industrial robots and digital consumer electronics.
Encapsulation materials Our encapsulation materials are used to protect semiconductor and LED devices from severe environments.
Photoresists Photoresists are used as a photosensitive material when transferring semiconductor circuit patterns onto a silicon wafer.
Photomask blanks Photomask blanks are a product that consists of synthetic quartz substrates with a thin, light-shielding layer formed on the surface. They act as pattern masters when transferring minute semiconductor circuit patterns to wafers.
Preform for optical fiber Synthetic quartz preforms have excellent optical transparency and a single preform (of 200 mm in diameter and 2,000 mm in length) can be processed into an optical fiber with a length of approximately 5,000km.