LASER debonding equipment

(LASER peeling equipment, laser irradiation equipment)

This LASER debonding equipment is used for a semiconductor packaging process or manufacturing process for ultra-thin semiconductors to peel off a temporary bonding layer with a LASER beam without stress.
Using a pulse LASER with a LASER beam wavelength of 355 nm licensed from IBM, this equipment ensures that the LASER beam is absorbed only on the surface of a temporary resin layer, thus curtailing damage to the device.
It supports FOPLP of large panel size, achieving uniform LASER irradiation for workpieces of up to 600 mm2.

Series Name

  • SELD-LASER Series


  • A temporary bonding process for forming semiconductor packaging
  • A temporary bonding process for forming a semiconductor re-distribution layer (RDL)
  • A temporary bonding process for forming an ultra-thin semiconductor
  • Other processes using temporary bonding
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