(PVA, Polyvinyl alcohol)

POVAL is a water-soluble polymer and can be dissolved in water at the desired ratio. It will only dissolve in certain solvents, such as DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), and water. It will not dissolve and remains stable in the presence of organic solvents, animal and plant oils, and grease. POVAL has hydroxyl groups, so it exhibits a powerful adhesive force to hydrophilic surfaces, such as paper or wood and it can be reformed through acetalization reactions and reactions with boric acid and borax among others. POVAL has excellent membrane formation, surface activation, emulsion, and dispersion properties. POVAL is a stable polymer that will not change or deteriorate in general environments.


  • Textile Sizing and Finishing
  • Paper Processing
  • Adhesives and Caking Agents
  • Dispersant
  • Film and Molded Products
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