Liquid Fluoroelastomers SHIN-ETSU SIFEL®

The combination of a perfluoropolyether backbone with a terminal silicone crosslinking group results in outstanding performance. We provide the most suitable product according to the applications such as liquid injection molding, adhesives and coatings, and potting gel.

Series Name

  • SIFEL2000 series, SIFEL3000series, SIFEL8000series


Molded rubber parts (SIFEL3000 series)

  • O-ring, Packing, Gasket, Diaphragm, Valve, Seal
  • Transport vehicle(Fuel system, Intake and exhaust system, Powertrain)
  • Electronic parts, Electric & Electronic instruments
  • Semiconductor or liquid crystal device production machinery
  • Petroleum and chemical plant, Oilfield downhole equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Fuel cell

Adhesive, Coating, Potting (SIFEl2000series, SIFEL8000series)

  • Automotive electronic parts(Intake and exhaust system, Fuel system, Control unit, Actuator, Electric motor, Sensor)
  • Electronic parts, Electronic circuit and Printed board
  • Semiconductor or liquid crystal device production machinery
  • Printer head, Printer ink tank
  • Chemical reactor
  • High frequency semiconductor device
  • Fuel cell
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