LASER debonding and cleaning equipment

(Panel cleaning equipment, panel cleaner)

Wet cleaning equipment used after peeling off a temporary bonding layer with a LASER beam.
It removes soot generated by the LASER beam, and peels off a temporary resin/bonding layer in a wet-cleaning process. It can handle various solvents according to the resin to be removed.
Our unique, optimum cleaning mechanism for removing the temporary bonding layer shortens the time required to remove the layer compared to ordinary panel cleaning.
Also, a unique filtering system is used, which enables the solvent to be reused by circulating it, thereby achieving cleaning at low cost.

Series Name

  • SELD-Cleaner Series


  • A temporary bonding process for semiconductor packaging forming
  • A temporary bonding process for forming a semiconductor re-distribution layer (RDL)
  • A temporary bonding process for forming an ultra-thin semiconductor
  • Other processes using temporary bonding
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