Shin-Etsu Chemical develops new thermal interface silicone rubber sheet series for applications in components of electric vehicles as the technology for high voltage devices advances


Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) has newly developed thermal interface silicone rubber sheet, the “TC-BGI Series,” for applications in components for electric vehicles as the technology for high voltage devices advances.

At present, demand for electric cars is growing, starting with electric vehicles (EV), and going forward, further widespread market growth is expected. The components used in electric cars are required to be smaller and lighter, and to increase energy density, high voltage is required for the system voltage.

In order to meet these requirements, Shin-Etsu Chemical has been going forward with the development of thermal interface silicone materials that can be used as heat dissipation measures for component parts of electric cars for which high voltage requirements are increasing.

This new product, the “TC-BGI Series,” is a high hardness thermal interface silicone rubber sheet that has the combined characteristics of high voltage endurance and thermal conductivity that are achieved by means of our company’s own technologies, and this new product comes in 2 thicknesses: 0.2mm and 0.3mm.

The main characteristics of this new product are as follows:

  1. It realizes a voltage endurance assurance that is at the highest level in the industry. We can assure a voltage endurance of 3kV with the thickness of 0.2mm, and 5kV with the thickness of 0.3mm on the entire surface of a sheet. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing a product that will assure more than 4kV voltage endurance with a sheet of 0.2mm thickness on the entire sheet surface.
  2. It has high thermal conductivity of 7W/m・K.
  3. It possesses high hardness and at the same time high strength, and it is superior in workability compared to the pad-type.
  4. Compared to the non-silicone-type, it is superior in long-term reliability.

In order to strengthen an automobile’s performance and reliability, heat dissipation material is essential, and various products and technologies for achieving heat dissipation are being developed.

Shin-Etsu Chemical has a very wide line-up of various types of silicone thermal interface materials. In addition to silicone rubber sheets, we offer pads, greases (oil compounds), gap fillers, liquid rubbers (adhesives and potting material). Our wide variety of silicone thermal interface materials can meet the demand for various heat dissipation measures.

Along with the development of these new products, Shin-Etsu Chemical is moving forward in meeting our customers’ various requests regarding such areas as technical support with thermal analysis technologies, and we are manufacturing and processing at International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems (IATF16949:2016)-approved plants.


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Thermal interface silicone rubber sheet “TC-BGI Series”

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