Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues

Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues

Key Issue7: Contribution to industry and social initiatives


The Group is promoting communication with local communities in order to build relationships of trust with a wide range of stakeholders in society.

Fundraising for U.N. World Refugee Day

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Fundraising for U.N. World Refugee DayUNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) supports world refugees who are driven out of their homes by conflict, persecution and disaster.
Since 2006, the Group have supported world refugees through the collection of donations in the company for World Refugee Day (June 20), which was established by The United Nations, and we have donated them to the UNHCR through the Japan Association for UNHCR. Furthermore, we have implemented matching gift programs since 2012.

Hosting of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Marché


Hosting of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief MarchéEvery March, the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief Marche has been held since 2012 at Asahi Seimei Ohtemachi Building where the Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office is located. In cooperation with Shin-Etsu Chemical and Shin-Etsu Handotai Co., Ltd., local specialties from Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures are sold. This is a way of supporting disaster relief activities while our being in Tokyo.

Summer School for Elementary School Student (Naoetsu)


Summer school for elementary school student (Naoetsu)The Naoetsu Plant has held an annual summer school, organized mainly by new employees, for local children in the upper grades of elementary school since 1975. The program is a two-hour program, with the first half learning and the second half recreational.

Contribution to Society Activities at Overseas Group Company

Shintech Inc. Contribution to society activities

Rick Gros

Rick Gros
Site Services Manager,
Shintech Louisiana, LLC

Since before startup of the first Shintech Louisiana plant in 2000, the company has been actively involved in organizations, sponsorships, leadership development, and civic activities that further the development and success of the communities in which we live and work.

Several Shintech employees and contractors returned to "Safety Town" for the ninth year in a row. "Safety Town" is a safety program designed for kindergartners to help educate them in the proper way to cross streets, ride bikes, handle emergencies (such as home fires) and other safety related issues.
Furthermore, for the past seven years, the employees of Shintech Louisiana, LLC, SE Tylose LA, LLC and many of the plant contractors have collected toys during the Christmas holidays to benefit Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge. A group representing Shintech and SE Tylose employees and contractors has made the annual delivery of toys to the hospital. The hospital playroom is a special place for children to relax, socialize and enjoy an array of fun and educational activities. With Shintech and SE Tylose's help, the playroom is now stocked with enough games, toys, and electronic equipment for children of all ages to enjoy.

Shintech Louisiana, LLCCommunity involvement is important to the longterm success of Shintech. It benefits the long-term well-being of our employees, our families, our friends and those who will both join us and succeed us as we continue to grow. As a recognized good neighbor, it is our privilege to be located in our community, and we work hard to support those around us.

Shin-Etsu Group Key CSR Issues