Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar


Alongside the richness of nature

Shintech, a US subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical, has continued to lead the Shin-Etsu Group with exceptional performance growth since its foundation in 1974. In 2018, Shintech completed the construction of a new ethylene plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. This marks the first time a Japanese company has constructed an ethylene plant in the United States. Ethylene is one of the main raw materials of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and the new plant further strengthens Shintech’s integrated production system from raw materials. As the world's largest PVC manufacturer, Shintech is responding to global demand for PVC, which will continue to grow in the years to come. In commemoration of Shintech's new plant, this calendar features scenery from Texas and Louisiana, where Shintech has facilities, as well as Arizona, California, Ohio and Washington, where the Shin-Etsu Group has further bases. Please enjoy the magnificent landscapes and rich seasonal colors of the United States featured here.


~Alongside the richness of nature~

The Shin-Etsu Group’s aim is to "contribute to the Earth’s future." One of our main products is rare earth magnets. They play an important role in energy-saving as one of the most essential components in the production of motors used in hybrid and electric vehicles, air conditioners, wind power generation, and other applications. Rare earth magnets are also used in industrial robots, which contribute to automation and achieve higher productivity of manufacturing. We are the only manufacturer in the world that handles the entire magnet production process, from the separation and refinement of rare earth materials, to the casting of magnets. We also promote the recycling of rare earth elements in order to more effectively utilize this limited resource. We have our production and sales bases in nine countries including Japan, Asia, Europe, and the U.S., and they provide a stable supply of high-quality products to the world. We are currently working to expand our production capacities in Vietnam. In this calendar, we introduce six of the locations in which our rare earth magnets are produced – Fukui Prefecture in Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, China and Vietnam – to highlight the beautiful natural landscapes those locations offer.


~Coexisting With Water~

The 2017 Shin-Etsu Group calendar is based on the themes of “silicone” and “water.” The Shin-Etsu Group was the first in Japan to successfully commercialize silicone in 1953. Since then, we have developed advanced technological strength and carried out diligent research and development to meet a great variety of requests from many different customers. As a result, we currently offer more than 5,000 products and have won a share that exceeds 50% in Japan. We are also carrying out ambitious business in countries overseas and have opened production and sales bases in 11 countries including Asia, Europe, and the United States. In this way, we have earned the trust of customers around the world. Together with this global business, the Group is constantly working to conserve resources and reduce our environmental burden. We make efforts to harmonize with the global environment and contribute to the future. Water is an important global resource and a symbol of the rich nature that is the source of life. This calendar features bodies of water from six regions around the world where we have Group silicone business bases: Gunma Prefecture, the Netherlands, Thailand, the United States and China, as well as Australia, which is a production base for silicon metal, a raw material of silicone.


– Coexisting with Natural Beauty and Culture –

As a world leader in silicon wafers which serve as the substrate for semiconductors, the Shin-Etsu Group continues to stand at the cutting edge of increasing wafer diameter and extreme flatness. Aiming for further growth, our production bases extend across North America, Asia, and Europe, together with Group companies Naoetsu Electronics, Nagano Electronics Industrial, and Mimasu Semiconductor Industry, as well as Shin-Etsu Handotai’s Shirakawa (Fukushima), Saigata (Niigata), Takefu (Fukui), and Isobe (Gunma) plants in Japan. The Shin-Etsu Group will continue to further improve our already world-renowned single-crystal production, advanced processing, and quality control technologies, as well as provide a stable supply of silicon wafers for integrated circuits. In this calendar we introduce some of the fantastic scenery surrounding the locations around the world where we engage in the production of silicon wafers, including the picturesque wonders of Taiwan, the history and culture of Fukushima, the charming resorts of Malaysia, the magnificent nature of North America, and the stunning cityscapes of the United Kingdom.


~Nature、History and Culture~

The state of Louisiana is located in the Southern United States and faces the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River, which runs through the state, plays an important role in water transportation. It also possesses various scenery created by nature, history and culture that is truly captivating. Shintech is the world’s largest polyvinyl chloride(PVC) manufacturer and energetically leads the performance as well as globalization of Shin-Etsu Chemical. Shintech began the production of PVC in Texas in 1974. Since then, it established its second base in Addis, Louisiana in 2000 and started integrated production from raw materials in Plaquemine, Louisiana in 2008. While further developing production bases in the state of Louisiana, Shintech continues to make progress for the future. We present you with a calendar that introduces the various attractions in Louisiana; from the state capital of Baton Rouge and the grand, rich nature, to New Orleans, a city that flourishes with its ports, industry, tourism and Jazz culture.


In Harmony with Nature

Texas faces the Gulf of Mexico in the southwestern United States. Of the 50 American states, it is second in both size and population. Its vast landscape is home to a great variety of geographical features and ecosystems, and everything from farming to the most advanced industries continue to be actively developed here. Belonging to the Shin-Etsu Group, Shintech Inc. is the most important company in the Shin-Etsu Group which is based in Texas, and in 2014 we celebrated our 40th anniversary doing business in this remarkable state. Shintech Inc. is the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the world, and we will continue to aim to achieve even higher goals hereafter as we do our part in preserving the environment at the same time. With this in mind, we are pleased to present our calendar for 2014,featuring photographs of magnificent natural scenes to be found in Texas, the great state where Shintec Inc. is based.


Colors of the Seasons: Japan’s Natural Splendor

Japan’s natural scenery reveals different aspects of its beauty as the seasons change throughout the year. At the height of their glory in spring, rows of cherry trees along riverbanks enrapture the spirit, and the clear waters of Japan’s beaches under a bright summer sun are refreshing and cool. Ponds reflecting the dazzling foliage in autumn are peaceful and serene, and the scenes created by the icy rivers and snow-covered ravines of winter are like those found in a picture scroll. For the third year running, Shin-Etsu has chosen photographs depicting the natural beauty of Japan for its calendar. The photographs in this 2013 calendar depict the four seasons only in Fukui Prefecture, which is home to plants producing Shin-Etsu Group products, including electronic materials. At Shin-Etsu, we consider safety and the environment to be of the utmost importance, and we strive to do our part to preserve the earth’s environment and protect the earth’s natural wonders so that they may be passed on to future generations. It is our hope that the beautiful natural scenery that adds so much to our lives will remain unchanged as the seasons and years go by.


Colors of the Seasons: Japan’s Scenic Beauty

Japan is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty that changes from season to season. In the warmth of spring, flowers blooming and blossoming in myriad colors delight the eye, while refuge can be found from the strong rays of the summer sun in the refreshing air of verdant forests. By and by, autumn foliage takes on brilliant hues as clear streams flow through mountain ravines, and with the advent of winter, snows gradually cover the mountains from their peaks to their bases. Our calendar for the year 2012 is again devoted to the scenic beauty of Japan and its seasons. All of the photographs herein were taken in Gunma Prefecture, which is home to Shin-Etsu Group plants that manufacture our major products and laboratories that are engaged in research and development. Shin-Etsu Group places the prime importance on safety and the environment, and it is our sincere wish to help maintain and preserve the splendor of Japan’s natural beauty for the sake of future generations. Indeed, the colors of the seasons are symbols of hope for all our tomorrows.


Colors of the Seasons: The Natural Beauty of Japan

Japan is a long country stretching from north to south and featured by a variety of terrains. Abundant in natural beauty, the stunning scenery varying from season to season can be seen. Colorful flowers bloom in the soft rays of the sun in spring, and lush verdure offers a cool respite from the heat of summer. Leaves bursting into glorious colors signal the advent of autumn, and sparkling snow covering the ground heralds the arrival of winter. Shin-Etsu Group was established in Niigata and Nagano, and photographs of forest, rivers, and lakes in these prefectures grace our 2011 calendar. “Safety and environmental protection-first” is a basic principle for our corporate activities, and Shin-Etsu Group is a leader in the effort to help protect nature and preserve the environment for future generations. The beautiful colors of the seasonal tapestry that nature weaves are a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow.