X-ray bump/void inspection equipment

(X-ray inspection equipment, bump inspection equipment, X-ray observation equipment, solder inspection equipment)

Equipment to inspect/judge bumps on the wafer automatically.
By transmitting X-rays through voids (air bubbles) inside the wafer, the void diameter (area) is calculated from a transmitted image to automatically judge whether to accept voids exceeding standards.
It uses a microfocus X-ray tube as an X-ray source, and a cutting-edge X-ray digital camera for the X-ray image receiving section, to extract high-resolution images and enable high-precision void inspection.

Series Name

  • Six-2000/3000


  • Inspection of bumps on silicon wafers
  • Inspection of soldered areas such as BGA on mounted substrates
  • Inspection of soldered areas flip-chip-mounted on LED
  • Inspection of voids on two-layer soldered areas of power devices (IGBT)
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