What Kind of Company is Shin-Etsu Chemical?

What Kind of Company is Shin-Etsu Chemical?

Five Themes that Describe Shin-Etsu Chemical in a Nutshell

Theme One: Four businesses with distinct features

Four businesses with distinct features

Shin-Etsu Chemical is a chemical manufacturer that, with its four core business segments, creates products and key materials that provide foundations for industry and our daily lives. We created our product lineup by applying advanced technologies that are fundamental to our manufacturing processes. As we continue to build a strong business structure that is not easily influenced by changes in economic climate, we are actively participating in a diverse range of fields and maintaining tight-knit relationships within our markets and with raw material suppliers.

Theme Two: Shin-Etsu
can be found here

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s products are familiar because they play an active role in our daily lives and have countless applications, including construction, homes, cosmetics, toiletries, personal computers, smartphones and automobiles.

< Major Application: >
  • PVC:
    construction (water and sewerage pipes, vinyl window frames, siding materials)

Semiconductor Silicon
< Major Application: >
  • Silicon wafer:
    home appliances and digital devices(smartphones, personal computers, microwave, air-conditioner), Automobiles (engine control, car navigation systems)

< Major Application: >
  • Silicone:
    home appliances and digital devices (smartphones, personal computers, digital cameras), cosmetics and toiletries (sunscreen, nursery items, contact lenses), construction (sealant), automobiles (airbags, eco-friendly tires)

Electronics & Functional Materials
< Major Application: >
  • Rare earth magnets:
    automobile motors, industrial robots, home appliances

  • Preform for optical fiber:
    optical fiber

Speciality Chemicals
< Major Application: >
  • Cellulose derivatives:
    pharmaceuticals (coating materials for medicinal tablets), automobiles (exhaust gas purifiers)

  • Synthetic Pheromones:
    pest control (for fruite tree and crops)

Theme Three: Shin-Etsu
is flourishing around the world

In the 1960s, we became the first Japanese chemical company to expand overseas. Today, overseas sales account for more than 70% of our overall sales. In the PVC business, Shintech Inc., our U.S. subsidiary, has increased its production capacity by 30 times since its founding in 1974, growing into the world’s largest PVC manufacturer.

Theme Four: High market share

We provide many products that have world-leading shares, including PVC and semiconductor silicon, and aim to become the global leader in all product categories.

aim to become the global leader in all product categories.

Theme Five: Future Initiatives

Shin-Etsu Chemical actively tackles important issues, including progress in AI and IoT technology, renewable energy, energy conservation and response measures for coping with an aging society, in support of further societal development. We will contribute to people’s livelihoods, society and industry through value creation in materials and technologies, and achieve growth along with society.

Future Initiatives