Purchasing Department

Since its foundation, Shin-Etsu Group has contributed to quality enhancement, lighter / smaller goods and cost reduction in many industrial fields, through material development and stable supply of products. In order for Shin-Etsu Group to further contribute to people’s lives and society as a world leading material manufacturer, we think it important for our business partners to stably supply superior quality products with fair price. We always take into consideration safety and environmental protection, reduced resource use and energy saving, at the same time, and make a point of doing fair and just procurement, complying with laws and regulations regarding reduced resource use and energy saving.

Purchasing Items

  • Chemical Plant, Environment Protection Facilities, Plant Machinery and Equipment, Spare Parts
  • Inspection Equipment, Analytical Equipment
  • Raw Materials and Subsidiary Materials
  • Packing Machines and Packaging Materials

Supplier Registration Procedure


Statement of the Shin-Etsu Group’s Basic Procurement Policy

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. together with all of the Shin-Etsu Group companies (hereinafter called “Company”) makes ever possible effort to commit to conducting their corporate activities in a law-abiding spirit, carrying out their corporate activities in a fair manner and contributing to society, including local communities. At the same time, Shin-Etsu Group dedicates itself to help create a richer life for society through putting first priority on protecting the environment from a global point of view. From this perspective, the Shin-Etsu Group in its purchase and procurement activities also endeavors to carry out fair and objective business activities by widely disseminating important information about the following principles of its basic procurement policy throughout the Company and among its suppliers.

1. Abiding by the law

As the most important of its management objectives, the Company conducts all of its business activities in a law-abiding spirit. Each and every staff member is made fully aware of corporate social responsibilities and they carry out their business activities in strict conformity with the law, business ethics and the various rules and regulations of the Company. In its purchase and procurement activities, the Company acts in good faith and in a fair manner, and does not practice favoritism, nor make improper demands. In addition, based on mutual trust, not only between the Company and the suppliers that the Company directly procures from, but also with vendors in the linked supply chain, all those companies involved carry out their business activities in strict accordance with the principal labor standards of International Labor Organization (ILO), any laws and regulations related to protection of the environment and rules and regulations concerning business transactions, including those of small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

2. Promotion of corporate social responsibility

The Company places primary importance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and strongly emphasizes compliance management. For the promotion of CSR, the cooperation of all the Company’s suppliers is essential, and we ask you to comply with the Company’s CSR policies in the areas listed below. At the same time, we will strive to maintain mutual trust and close, friendly relationships.

(1) Strive to strengthen and promote conformance with social norms, business ethics and laws.

(2) Place first priority on assuring safety,protection against disasters and effective environmental management(i.e REACH regulation,ISO 14001standard,…etc), cooperate in “Green” environmentally friendly purchasing and procurement activities, and at the same time, each person should have a clear consciousness of the importance of these issues.

(3) Strive for accurate and impartial disclosure of information and assuring the delivery of safe and reliable products and taking speedy measures to deal with various contingencies

(4) Foster respect for human rights and follow non- discriminatory policies based on religion, gender, or race.

(5) Act in conformity with the labor standards of the ILO by prohibiting forced labor and child labor and following the general principles of labor conditions such as equal compensation for equal work and not engaging in unfair labor practices.

(6) Protect against the disclosure of classified information, personal confidentiality and respect intellectual property rights.

(7) Biodiversity preservation.

(8) Avoid the use of conflict minerals that directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoing countries.

3. Selection of vendors

The Company follows an open-door policy regarding its transactions and globally seeks suppliers based on open, fair, impartial and equal-opportunity principles, both within the Company and with outside suppliers, comprehensively taking into consideration the following core considerations:
1. Globally competitive in product quality, price, delivery time and supply stability
2. Objective standards such as suppliers’ management stability, reliability and technological abilities.
Based on these rational considerations, the Company selects suppliers.

4. Meeting the needs of the suppliers, conducting performance reviews

The Company provides suppliers with the essential information necessary for transactions and also cooperates with suppliers’ VA and VE improvement activities as well as in activities related to the maintenance and improvement of product quality. The Company also routinely or as necessary promotes evaluation and review of suppliers’ performance in areas that reflect on the Company’s basic procurement policy and “Green” procurement standards.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

We have summarized the Guidelines to share the understanding and promote activities with our supply chains entirely, which seems effective, even in our procurement, to construct a sustainable society. The Guidelines aim to promote CSR activities together with our business partners by further promoting activities to their upstream suppliers, as well as to let our business partners know and understand Shin-Etsu Group’s CSR activities. We would update the Guidelines, on a timely manner, to reflect the requirements of international society that change as time flows.


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