Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2013


Colors of the Seasons: Japan’s Natural Splendor

Japan’s natural scenery reveals different aspects of its beauty as the seasons change throughout the year. At the height of their glory in spring, rows of cherry trees along riverbanks enrapture the spirit, and the clear waters of Japan’s beaches under a bright summer sun are refreshing and cool. Ponds reflecting the dazzling foliage in autumn are peaceful and serene, and the scenes created by the icy rivers and snow-covered ravines of winter are like those found in a picture scroll. For the third year running, Shin-Etsu has chosen photographs depicting the natural beauty of Japan for its calendar. The photographs in this 2013 calendar depict the four seasons only in Fukui Prefecture, which is home to plants producing Shin-Etsu Group products, including electronic materials. At Shin-Etsu, we consider safety and the environment to be of the utmost importance, and we strive to do our part to preserve the earth’s environment and protect the earth’s natural wonders so that they may be passed on to future generations. It is our hope that the beautiful natural scenery that adds so much to our lives will remain unchanged as the seasons and years go by.