(Low-substituted hydroxypropylcellulose)

L-HPC® is used as a binder and a disintegrant for solid dosage forms. It was brought onto the market in 1977, and then listed in the JP in 1986, in the NF in 1990 and in the EP in 2016. This product exhibits a wide range of compatibility with many active substances. It is a suitable binder and disintegrant for a formulation study. We have developed a NBD for the L-HPC® family. This is chemically identical to the current L-HPC® grades, but the particle shape is physically designed to significantly improve binding capability.

Series Name

  • L-HPC series, NBD series


  • Binder and a disintegrant for solid dosage forms such as tablets and granules
  • Quick disintegration
  • Fast dissolution
  • Dry binder for direct compression and wet granulation
  • Anti-capping
  • Orally disintegrating tablet
  • Pellet extrusion
  • Powder layering
  • Dispersing aid for capsule filling
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