Transparent Silicone / Epoxy Material for LED device

Shin-Etsu Chemical Limpid Si® series is a silicone resin for encapsulation materials and sealing materials for various LEDs (white LED, ultraviolet LED, blue LED). LED devices with less deterioration can be produced by utilizing the characteristics of silicone and these include : long-term durability, high temperature stability, high adhesion and high refractive index even at high temperature operationed due to the high brightness of LED. Coating LED chips used as a source of white light, can be mixed it with phosphor. It is also possible to supply products in film type mixed with phosphor. Shin-Etsu offers a wide range of products from soft gels to hard types applicable for a transfer molding system, and can supply grades suitable for your needs.

Series Name

  • Limpid Si® series


  • Automotive parts
  • LED components
  • Smartphones
  • Wearable devices
  • Electronic components
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