Samarium magnet

The Shin-Etsu Samarium (Sm) Magnet R Series has better temperature characteristics than Nd magnets. Therefore, it exhibits superior magnetic characteristics even in severe environments where it is exposed to reverse magnetic fields at high temperatures. The small change in coercive force temperature and the high Curie temperature are also remarkable properties of Sm magnets, which are difficult to obtain with other magnets. Shin-Etsu Chemical succeeded in mass production of Sm2Co17 magnets ahead of other companies, and continued to improve alloying compositions and manufacturing processes. As a result, Shin-Etsu Chemical succeeded in developing “R33H grades” with a high-energy product comparable to that of Nd magnets, which was not obtained with conventional Sm-based magnets. The Shin-Etsu Samarium (Sm) Magnet R Series, typified by this R33H, has attracted attention in recent years as a new material suitable for use in harsh environments such as space.

Series Name

  • R series


  • Automotive ignition coil
  • Various on-board sensors (rotation, angle, position)
  • Stepping motors for office automation equipment
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