Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)

PBN is a high-purity ceramic with excellent chemical resistance and strength at high temperatures. It was Shin-Etsu Chemical who succeeded in producing PBN domestically for the first time in Japan. PBN is used in crucibles to produce compound semiconductors and molecular-beam epitaxy, which make use of its characteristics. The extent of potential uses of PBN is expanding, and such uses include high functional PG/PBN heaters for semiconductor fields and CIGS based thin film for photovoltaic power generation. (Basically PBN products are custom made.)


  • crucibles for compound semiconductor crystal production
  • crucibles for MBE(Molecular Beam Epitaxy)
  • heaters with Electrostatic Chuck function
  • jigs and heaters used in the vacuum chamber at high temperature
  • insulator for heaters
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