Shintech decides to expand its production capacities of caustic soda, VCM and PVC


Shin-Etsu Chemical’s U.S. Group company, Shintech Inc. (Chairman/Founder: Chihiro Kanagawa) will further increase its production capacity of chlor-alkali, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) and poly vinyl chloride (PVC) at its production bases in the State of Louisiana. The planned production capacity increases will be about 200,000 tons/year of caustic soda, about 300,000 tons/year of vinyl chloride monomer, and about 300,000 tons/year of PVC. With this expansion, Shintech’s total PVC production capacity will become 2.95 million tons/year – combining the capacities of Shintech’s existing manufacturing facilities in Louisiana and Texas. 
Completion of this expansion is targeted for 2015, and the amount of this investment is expected to be $500 million (approximately \50 billion), which Shintech plans to fund by itself.

In addition to its sales activities in the U.S., Shintech has been expanding sales to customers in emerging markets. The integrated plant from the raw materials to the production of PVC at Shintech’s Plaquemine Plant in Louisiana has been running at a capacity.

By capitalizing on its production system that allows it to carry out integrated production within its own company, Shintech, as the world’s largest PVC manufacturer, will proactively respond to growing worldwide demand for PVC.

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