Shin-Etsu Chemical proposes an innovative integrated chip process for manufacturing Micro LED displays

We will supply the essential parts and equipment needed to transfer Micro LED chips from LED wafer to backplane to help reach the goal of mass production of Micro LED displays


Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) is announcing that it is ready to supply a unique set of transfer parts and equipment to be used for manufacturing of Micro LED displays. As a One-Stop Solution Provider, Shin-Etsu is proposing this innovative solution for manufacturing Micro LED displays to a wide range of customers, and we will work together with them on achieving the widespread adoption of Micro LED displays and for the dramatic expansion of the market.

Micro LED displays are considered to be the leading candidate for next-generation displays. However, the high manufacturing cost has been a big barrier for its mass production. The low production efficiencies and the low yield due to the difficulty in the handling of microscopic LED chips are causes of rising manufacturing costs. Shin-Etsu has focused on the reduction of the complexity of the manufacturing and transfer process of Micro LED chips, and we have been tackling this issue by taking complete combined advantage of all of the Shin-Etsu Chemical Group’s leading-edge technologies.

In February 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical announced the start of the marketing of Micro LED display manufacturing parts. Since then, we have been working on the expansion of our line-up of Micro LED chip transfer parts and have developed our unique technology to form a silicone thin layer on the precisely processed synthetic quartz glass substrates (EZ-PETAMP Series, SQDP Series, SQDP-G Series, SQRP Series). This combination of materials has made it possible to meet the emerging needs for a wide range of Micro LED displays.

Furthermore, our Group company, Shin-Etsu Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo, President: Kenji Sugii), has developed equipment that can transfer Micro LED chips in a simple manner with high speed and precise accuracy by using its proprietary laser optical system and stage control technologies. The series of equipment includes: Multi Laser LiftOff Equipment, Bonding / Debonding Equipment, Laser Mass Transfer Equipment and High-Speed Repair Equipment. 

For the high precision transfer of Micro LED chips, the compatibility of equipment and transfer parts is very important. A set of our transfer parts and equipment in a complete package enables customers to achieve the highly efficient transfer of Micro LED chips from LED wafer to backplane and realize a significant reduction of the production time.

The Shin-Etsu Group is proposing a unique innovative concept for the Micro LED chip manufacturing process that fuses our own material technologies and equipment technologies and will contribute to the popularization of Micro LED displays that will give rise to energy saving and also superior visual image quality experiences.


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