Shin-Etsu Chemical jointly develops with Taiwan’s ITRI encapsulant material for Mini LED displays


Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo; President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) (Head Office: Taiwan; General Director: Shih-Chieh Chang) have jointly developed an encapsulant material for Mini LED displays. It has been confirmed that this encapsulant material product is adaptable for use in various types of Mini LED displays developed by ITRI. Accordingly, we (Shin-Etsu) will now begin sample shipments of this new product to the market.

Displays consisting of LEDs’ features with high brightness and wide color gamut, and their use is expanding from applications in stores, event venues and digital signage to such fields as in-vehicle displays. Among them are Mini LED displays that use miniaturized-size LEDs, compared to the size of conventional LEDs. These high luminance Mini LEDs realize enhanced high image quality and high definition broadening applications and expected to be adopted for applications in various mobile devices that are used for short-distance viewing. 

The main characteristics of the encapsulant material that Shin-Etsu Chemical has developed and is now offering are as follows:

  1. Transparency and light resistivity that is equivalent to that of the encapsulant material used for LED lighting.
  2. Large-area moldability
  3. High adhesiveness and stress relaxation characteristics with regard to a diversity of substrates, including glass, PCB, PI, etc.

In terms of displays, ITRI has developed novel Mini LED displays with a pixel pitch of 0.25 mm and 0.75 mm, and has performed sample evaluations of Shin-Etsu Chemical’s encapsulant material using various LED displays such as transparent and flexible displays. The results in stress testing on brightness, contrast ratio, and thermal cycling confirmed that this newly developed encapsulant material has achieved high quality and demonstrated its adaptability in a wide range of display applications. The joint R&D achievement was shown at Touch Taiwan in April 2022.

Mini LED displays have a wide variety of designs that vary depending on the needs of the application. However, this encapsulant material can flexibly be coordinated with a wide range of display design changes. Going forward, we will work proactively to promote the expansion of sales to the LED display market. 

Shin-Etsu Chemical is striving to be the “One-Stop Solution Provider,” which can provide various materials for the manufacturing of promising premium technologies such as Mini LED displays and Micro LED displays. We will contribute to the widespread dissemination and rapid expansion of the market for LED displays.

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s newly developed innovative encapsulant materials are being used for this flexible Mini LED displays with a pixel pitch of 0.25mm

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