Shin-Etsu Chemical has started marketing newly developed materials for MicroLED displays


Shin-Etsu Chemical (Head office: Tokyo; President: Yasuhiko Saitoh) has started marketing materials that will be used in the manufacturing process of MicroLED displays. Shin-Etsu’s new materials used in the manufacturing of MicroLEDs lead to greater productivity in the MicroLED manufacturing process as well as a competitive edge for these displays. Shin-Etsu will continue its materials product development in order to meet the needs of our customers who will be manufacturing MicroLED displays.

MicroLED displays are self-emitting displays that consist of microscopic LEDs mounted on each individual pixel element. In that way, a MicroLED display is expected to have greater contrast, better color, higher brightness, excellent reliability and energy saving. Accordingly, this next-generation technology is being referred to as the truly “ultimate display technology.”

On the other hand, in order to realize the application of MicroLED displays such as for TVs and smartphones, there are issues to be solved such as making the manufacturing process more efficient, shortening the process time and improving yield rates.
The materials that Shin-Etsu Chemical has newly developed and begun to market are the following:
1) A MicroLED transfer stamp that has formed a dry adhesion layer free of an adhesive agent on the ultra-flat substrate.
2) A temporary support substrate that will make possible various processes such as cleaning processes and transfer processes while holding the substrate.
These products are receiving high-level evaluations as materials that will help solve some of the previously mentioned manufacturing challenges for the commercialization of MicroLED displays.
In addition, besides the above-mentioned newly developed materials, Shin-Etsu Chemical is carrying out the development of materials that will be essential in the manufacturing process of MicroLED displays, such as encapsulant and underfill materials.

Shin-Etsu Chemical is striving to be the “One-stop Solution Provider,” which can provide various materials that are being sought for the manufacturing of MicroLED displays. Working together with our customers, we will contribute to the realization and widespread dissemination of this “ultimate display technology.”

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