1. Basic Corporate Facts

1-A) When was the company established and what are its main products?

Shin-Etsu Chemical got its start on September 16, 1926 as Shin-Etsu Nitrogen Fertilizer Co., Ltd., whose initial main business was the production of chemical fertilizers and lime nitrogen. Since then, the company has grown and diversified its markets across the whole spectrum of organic and inorganic chemicals, as well as precision-specification industrial intermediates and final-use products. While remaining a leader in such fundamental goods of everyday life as polyvinyl chloride. Presently, the company supplies peerless high-tech materials in such fields as synthetic quartz, optical fiber preforms and semiconductor silicon. Shin-Etsu was first in the world to produce 300mm wafers commercially and is the world market leader in wafers of all sizes. Shin-Etsu Chemical has become the manufacturer holding the world’s top market share in a number of key fields, while challenging for the lead in many more.


1-B) What is the company’s capital

As at the end of March 2023, the company’s capital is 119,419 million yen.


1-C) What affiliated companies are included in the consolidated financial statement?

There are 99 consolidated subsidiaries and 3 affiliated companies accounted for by the equity method as the end of March 2023. Therefore, the total is 102 affiliated companies. The three largest in terms of total sales are Shin-Etsu Handotai Co., Ltd., making semiconductor silicon wafer, Shintech Inc., the largest PVC producer in the world, and Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd., producing silicone rubber and PVC products.


2. Stock Information

2-A) Which Stock Exchanges are Shin-Etsu Chemical listed on?

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s stock is listed on three markets: The Tokyo and Nagoya Exchanges in Japan.


2-B) What is the company’s securities identification code number,
       What is the par value of Shin-Etsu stock and what is the trading unit?

Our securities ID number is No.4063. (If you click on this code number, the company’s present stock price will be displayed.) The trading unit is 100.


2-C) When is the annual shareholders’ meeting, and how does one exercise voting-right?

The annual meeting is held toward the end of June every year. Shin-Etsu Chemical officially announces the exact date, time and place of the general meeting of shareholders, as well as providing the documents needed to exercise voting rights, to all stock owners whose names are entered in the shareholders’ list as of March 31. The exercise of voting rights is done either by submitting the voting-right documents to the company by mail or via the internet, or by bringing them to the general meeting personally.


2-D) Who performs stock-shares management?

The Stock Transfer Agency Division of The Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corp. is in charge of these matters.


2-E) Who are the largest shareholders of Shin-Etsu Chemical?

Please see the Major Shareholders page in our website.


2-F) In what newspaper does the company publish its official public announcements?

They are published in The Nihon Keizai Shinbun (in Japanese).


3. Business Results/Financial Information

3-A) Where can one access the Shin-Etsu Chemical Annual Report?

Please click on the button below, and you can download our Annual Report.


Also if you would lilke to receive a copy by mail, please feel free to contact us.


3-B) What dates open and close the fiscal year, and when are other important corporate events?

Shin-Etsu follows the Japanese fiscal year, running from the first day of April every year, to the last day of March in the next calendar year.


3-C) Where can one find the company’s latest financial statements?

Please see the Financial Information pages in our website.