Quality Control

Our goal – to be your best partner by always supplying the highest quality products

Shin-Etsu Chemical considers it extremely important as a materials producer to provide a stable supply of high-quality products. High purity and cleanliness are demanded from many of the products we deliver. 
To supply cutting-edge materials, our quality control technology and system must also be cutting-edge. 
To fulfill these kinds of high-level needs, Shin-Etsu Chemical is introducing the latest analytical equipment and developing its own original quality control system, while, at the same time, building a management system to enforce this function continuously and effectively. 
As our customers’ best partner, we always provide a stable supply of quality products.

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s adherence to quality control rooted in receipt of Deming Prize.

Shin-Etsu Chemical began tackling “QC” at the relatively early date of 1950, and went to work to establish quality control methods. Then, after a mere three years, it received the Deming Prize in 1953 for its efforts. The company received an appraisal from Dr. Deming himself as having “the world’s highest level” of statistical quality control. Since then, Shin-Etsu Chemical has worked to develop new products while developing a system and technology to maintain and improve the quality of our previously developed products. Since 1987, when the International Standards Organization (ISO) set forth the ISO 9000 Series of international standards for evaluation of management systems, the Shin-Etsu Group has received ISO 9000 certification at almost all of its production facilities. In addition, Shin-Estu is regularly executing quality audits of each facility’s products. We are meeting the needs of the times through unflagging pursuit of quality control.

The Deming Prize medal

ISO 9001 Certification of the Shin-Etsu Group(44kb)

Meeting customer’s high-level needs with Shin-Etsu’s  program

Six Sigma*, a quality control method based on statistical analysis of data which is targeted at reducing the percentage of faulty products, is attracting a great deal of attention as a new management initiative to improve quality. 
Shin-Etsu Chemical started its Six Sigma program in 2000. Shin-Etsu’s Six Sigma program fuses the company’s past experiences with the concepts and methods of Six Sigma. It is already steadily achieving good results.
Shin-Etsu will continue to improve quality control levels using diverse approaches, as it strives to meet the high-level needs of its customers. At the same time, Shin-Etsu will promote the raising of each and every staff members’ consciousness about product quality and endeavor to enhance the productivity of all personnel.

Six Sigma

The word “Six Sigma” is a statistical measure of faulty parts per million pieces manufactured. It refers to both products and business processes. The concept of Six Sigma signifies the attainment of a nearly perfect high-quality control level of 99.999997 percent, meaning that there are only 3.4 defects per million parts. This level has emerged as the benchmark for high quality-fewer than 3.5 defects per million.