Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2014


In Harmony with Nature

Texas faces the Gulf of Mexico in the southwestern United States. Of the 50 American states, it is second in both size and population. Its vast landscape is home to a great variety of geographical features and ecosystems, and everything from farming to the most advanced industries continue to be actively developed here. Belonging to the Shin-Etsu Group, Shintech Inc. is the most important company in the Shin-Etsu Group which is based in Texas, and in 2014 we celebrated our 40th anniversary doing business in this remarkable state. Shintech Inc. is the largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in the world, and we will continue to aim to achieve even higher goals hereafter as we do our part in preserving the environment at the same time. With this in mind, we are pleased to present our calendar for 2014,featuring photographs of magnificent natural scenes to be found in Texas, the great state where Shintec Inc. is based.

January & February:
Sunlit Landscape / Texas

The wind blows across the gently undulating landscape to create soft patterns. The rays of the sun piercing the clouds that spread over the top of the mountains bring out the contours of the terrain. Such subtle workings of nature carry on endlessly here.

March & April:
Season of Flowers / Texas

With the coming of the spring season, the land is covered with lovely red and purple flowers in their full glory. The young green leaves add a bright accent to the beauty of the flowers. The vibrant breath of nature fills the air, and envelops both mind and body with a sense of cheer.

May & June:
The Power of Nature / Texas

Under a blue sky, massive mountains have a rough appearance. In the foreground, plants growing here display a strength equal to that of the mountains, as they dramatically shoot upward from the ground. Full of power, this scene makes the viewer appreciate nature as it is.

July & August:
Overflowing Light / Texas

In this vast wilderness, an infinite number of flowers bloom as far as the mountain in the distance, making for yet another irreplaceable scene of natural beauty. The sun bathes each individual flower with light, and paints the landscape golden yellow.

September & October:
Color Contest / Texas

Trees are dyed dark green by the branches and leaves that shoot forth from their sturdy trunks, and, taking on the appearance of a carpet that has been laid in the spaces among the trees, grasses and flowers add bright, cheerful hues to the scene. In this rhythmical contest of colors, nature in its splendor takes on a light, bright appearance.

November & December:
Blanket of Snow / Texas

Trees stand unswervingly in a cold winter landscape. A blanket of snow only serves to give them an even more commanding appearance. Quiet and still, the trees seem to be emblems of nature’s strength as they wait faithfully for the advent of spring.