Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2012


Colors of the Seasons: Japan’s Scenic Beauty

Japan is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty that changes from season to season. In the warmth of spring, flowers blooming and blossoming in myriad colors delight the eye, while refuge can be found from the strong rays of the summer sun in the refreshing air of verdant forests. By and by, autumn foliage takes on brilliant hues as clear streams flow through mountain ravines, and with the advent of winter, snows gradually cover the mountains from their peaks to their bases.
Our calendar for the year 2012 is again devoted to the scenic beauty of Japan and its seasons. All of the photographs herein were taken in Gunma Prefecture, which is home to Shin-Etsu Group plants that manufacture our major products and laboratories that are engaged in research and development.
Shin-Etsu Group places the prime importance on safety and the environment, and it is our sincere wish to help maintain and preserve the splendor of Japan’s natural beauty for the sake of future generations. Indeed, the colors of the seasons are symbols of hope for all our tomorrows.