Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2016


– Coexisting with Natural Beauty and Culture –

As a world leader in silicon wafers which serve as the substrate for semiconductors, the Shin-Etsu Group continues to stand at the cutting edge of increasing wafer diameter and extreme flatness. Aiming for further growth, our production bases extend across North America, Asia, and Europe, together with Group companies Naoetsu Electronics, Nagano Electronics Industrial, and Mimasu Semiconductor Industry, as well as Shin-Etsu Handotai’s Shirakawa (Fukushima), Saigata (Niigata), Takefu (Fukui), and Isobe (Gunma) plants in Japan. The Shin-Etsu Group will continue to further improve our already world-renowned single-crystal production, advanced processing, and quality control technologies, as well as provide a stable supply of silicon wafers for integrated circuits. In this calendar we introduce some of the fantastic scenery surrounding the locations around the world where we engage in the production of silicon wafers, including the picturesque wonders of Taiwan, the history and culture of Fukushima, the charming resorts of Malaysia, the magnificent nature of North America, and the stunning cityscapes of the United Kingdom.