Shin-Etsu Group Original Calendar 2019


Alongside the richness of nature

Shintech, a US subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Chemical, has continued to lead the Shin-Etsu Group with exceptional performance growth since its foundation in 1974. In 2018, Shintech completed the construction of a new ethylene plant in Plaquemine, Louisiana. This marks the first time a Japanese company has constructed an ethylene plant in the United States. Ethylene is one of the main raw materials of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and the new plant further strengthens Shintech’s integrated production system from raw materials. As the world’s largest PVC manufacturer, Shintech is responding to global demand for PVC, which will continue to grow in the years to come.
In commemoration of Shintech’s new plant, this calendar features scenery from Texas and Louisiana, where Shintech has facilities, as well as Arizona, California, Ohio and Washington, where the Shin-Etsu Group has further bases. Please enjoy the magnificent landscapes and rich seasonal colors of the United States featured here.

January & February:
Lake Palourde / Louisiana

The expansive Lake Palourde is located in southern Louisiana, adjacent to Morgan City. This serene lake is surrounded by trees and the lakefront was once inhabited by Native Americans. When the sun rises and turns the water red, visitors are transported to a dream world.

March & April:
Hill Country / Texas

Texas Hill Country is home to Wildseed Farms, said to be the world’s largest wildflower farm. Spring is heralded in the state of Texas by the arrival of the much-loved poppy and the bluebonnet—the state flower. Bathed in sunshine, the vast flower garden at Wildseed Farms glows in soft pastel colors.

May & June:
Hocking Hills State Park / Ohio

Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park is filled with huge caves. It’s said the sandstone Ash Cave was on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean some 300 million years ago—a true work of art carved into the earth by Mother Nature.

July & August:
Laguna Beach / California

Laguna Beach is located near Los Angeles in Southern California but is known as a resort getaway. Here, waves break on the reef and there are many secluded, beaches with rustling palm trees.

September & October:
Walla Walla Vineyards / Washington State

Washington State boasts the second largest wine production in America, after California. Walla Walla County in the southeast of the state began producing wine in the 1970s, and has grown to more than 100 wineries today. In autumn, the leaves of the vines turn a vivid red.

November & December:
Lights on the Saguaro Cactus / Arizona

The massive saguaro cactus is common in the desert outside of Phoenix, the state capital of Arizona. During the winter holiday season, the cacti are decorated with lights and sparkle like Christmas trees.