(SHIN-ETSU Pellicles)

1)LSI Pellicle is the dust cover attached to a photomask which is used for the semiconductor front-end processes. Shin-Etsu’s Pellicle can greatly improve the yield of the photolithography process. Shin-Etsu Pellicle contributes to the cutting edge semiconductor industry, which has been developed and produced based on Shin-Etsu’s original technologies as the worldwide top manufacturer of semiconductor silicon wafers, photomask substrates and Large Scale Integration (LSI) molding compounds.

2) FDP Shin-Etsu pellicle is the dust cover attached to a large panel photomask for Liquid Cristal Displys (LCD) and Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED). It has been uniquely developed based on the findings from cutting-edge LSI pellicles so far. Shin-Etsu has pellicles from the 1st generation to the 10th generation.


  • Photolithography process for semiconductor devices
  • Photolithography process for flat panel display
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