Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders

Information Disclosure

The Group believes that the appropriate and timely disclosure of company information boosts the understanding of stakeholders and leads to the creation of a fair market evaluation.

The company has disclosed financial information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the regulations regarding information disclosure set by the stock exchange.
Regarding the collection, management, and timely disclosure of corporate information, the company formulated internal regulations such as the "Regulations on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information" and the "Rules on Regulations of Insider Trading." We have announced these regulations to all of the departments in the company and Group companies to promote seamless and timely disclosure.

For non-financial information, we disclose information voluntarily, such as posting information on the company's website, publicizing it through the news media, and providing an annual report, financial statements and other reports.

State of the internal system for timely disclosure

State of the internal system for timely disclosure

General Meeting of Shareholders (June 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office)

General Meeting of Shareholders
(June 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office)

Communication with Stakeholders

The Group communicates with stakeholders actively through a variety of methods and opportunities. We believe that this effort contributes to the sustainable growth of the Group and increases corporate value.

Major Communication Method and Opportunities

Shareholders and Investors General Shareholders' Meeting
Presentations of earnings and conference calls for analysts and institutional investors (four times in FY2020)
Plant tours for analysts and institutional investors / Business briefing session (once in FY2020)
One-on-one meetings with analysts (about 290 times in FY2020)
Small meetings for investors hosted by securities companies (seven times in FY2020)
Presentations to individual investors (once in FY2020)
Information provided on the company website, annual report, etc.
Customers Day-to-day communications by sales representatives
Information provided on the company website, exhibitions, etc.
Suppliers Day-to-day communications by the Purchasing Department
Supplier Hotline
Local communities Communication with organizations such as local governments
Participation in local events
Employees Communication and consultation with labor unions Information provided on the company magazine and intranet

Chemical material Japan 2020 (October~November 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical Headoffice)

Chemical material Japan 2020
(October~November 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical Headoffice)

Employee Initiatives

Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office Mr. TM, Silicone Division

Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office
Mr. TM, Silicone Division

Communicating the benefits of silicone by interacting with customers

1. Please tell us about your job.
I am in charge of the sales promotion of silicone products. I mainly plan and operate exhibitions, and produce product catalogs and PR videos.

2. What are your thoughts on spreading our silicone throughout the world?
At a time when COVID-19 made it difficult to meet customers in person to outline a product, we enabled them to find a needed product by using the search function in our official website. While periodically holding an online product briefing session for distributors, we also have online meetings with customers.

3. What do you value in your communication with customers?
It is important for me to listen carefully to our customers and find out the issues that they are facing now and future development themes.

4. Let us know any product you want to highlight to customers now.
We have many new products,that help lower environmental load by conserving resources and saving energy.. For example, silicone release agents, which enable the carrying out of curing that results in the lowering of the amount of platinum usage by about 1/2 compared to that of conventional usage, contribute to resource conservation.. For details, see our website for silicones products.

5. Please tell us if you have a story of customers becoming interested in silicone as a result of your sales promotion activities.
On April 1, 2021, we revamped our website for silicone products. We sent an email with the information on a newly set-up website to customers who had previously visited our exhibition event. This generated a significant response with over 700 accesses being recorded on the day the email was sent. This was an event in which we were surprised by the effectiveness of email transmission to distribute information. We would like to keep actively distributing information on our silicone products by using the web.