Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders


The Group will continue to hold dialogue with stakeholders at every opportunity.

Awareness of Issues

The Group recognizes that it is important to gain an accurate understanding of its business and management by disclosing information and communicating with stakeholders. At the same time, we also understand the importance of incorporating the opinions of our stakeholders into our management. We continue to pursue these goals and strive to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value.

Information Disclosure

The Group believes that the appropriate and timely disclosure of company information boosts the understanding of stakeholders and leads to the creation of a fair market evaluation.

The company has disclosed financial information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the regulations regarding information disclosure set by the stock exchange.
Regarding the collection, management, and timely disclosure of corporate information, the company formulated internal regulations such as the "Regulations on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information" and the "Rules on Regulations of Insider Trading." We have announced these regulations to all of the departments in the company and Group companies to promote seamless and timely disclosure.

For non-financial information, we disclose information voluntarily, such as posting information on the company's website, publicizing it through the news media, and providing an annual report, financial statements and other reports.

State of the internal system for timely disclosure

State of the internal system for timely disclosure

General Meeting of Shareholders (June 2020, Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office)

General Meeting of Shareholders
(June 2022, Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office)

Communication with Stakeholders

The Group communicates with stakeholders actively through a variety of methods and opportunities. We believe that this effort contributes to the sustainable growth of the Group and increases corporate value.

Major Communication Method and Opportunities

Shareholders and Investors General Shareholders' Meeting
Presentations of earnings and conference calls for analysts and institutional investors (4times in 2022)
Plant tours for analysts and institutional investors / Business briefing session (once in 2022)
One-on-one meetings with analysts (about 300 times in 2022)
Small meetings for investors hosted by securities companies (5 times in 2022)
Information provided on the company website, annual report, etc. We held an online silicone business briefing for securities analysts and investors. From the Company, the director in charge of the silicone business, the plant director of Shin-Etsu Chemical's Gunma Complex, the director of the Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center, and the general manager of the Public Relations Department attended. At the briefing, we explained the overview of the silicones business, focus areas, growth areas, the development of carbon-neutral products, and efforts to reduce environmental impact at the Gunma Complex. As many as 116 analysts and investors participated, and it was a good opportunity to deepen their understanding of our business.
Customers Day-to-day communications by sales representatives
Information provided on the company website, exhibitions, etc.
Suppliers Day-to-day communications by the Purchasing Department
Supplier Hotline
Local communities Communication with organizations such as local governments
Participation in local events The Governor of Gunma Prefecture and the Mayor of Annaka City visited the Shin-Etsu Chemical Gunma Complex. An overview of the Gunma Complex and development themes related to the SDGs were explained, and a forum for exchanging opinions was set up after the plant tour. We will continue to aim for further development together with everyone in the local community.
Employees Communication and consultation with labor unions Information provided on the company magazine and intranet Conducting employee satisfaction surveys

Silicone business briefing(December 2022, Shin-Etsu Chemical Gunma)

Silicone business briefing
(December 2022, Shin-Etsu Chemical Gunma Complex)

Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center,(October 2022, Shin-Etsu Chemical Gunma Complex)

Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center,
(October 2022, Shin-Etsu Chemical Gunma Complex)

Employee Initiatives

Mr. SM Silicone Div. Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office

Mr. SM
Silicone Div.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Head Office

1.Please tell us about your current responsibilities.
I handle sales of silicon-based defoaming agents globally. These defoaming agents improve production efficiency by eliminating foam in the manufacturing processes. Domestically, in collaboration with distributors and trading firms, I pursue sales activities aimed at a wide range of users, from petroleum producers to food manufacturers. In the international market, I work to develop new users by teaming up with salespeople at local Group companies.

2. What are the strengths and attractive features of the products you handle?
Silicon-based defoaming agents are products that support a wide range of industries, such as the chemical, food, and water treatment industries.
In particular, the defoaming agents used in food production play an indispensable role during the manufacturing processes of all kinds of foods and beverages. Precisely because they are used in such a wide range of foods, some products have obtained Halal certification and contribute directly to enabling Muslim people, who account for one-quarter of the world’s population, to obtain foods with peace of mind both in Japan and overseas.

3. What do you consider important when speaking with customers and have you had any encounters that made a particularly strong impression?
There was one customer whose industry had long been had common practice not adding defoaming agents. However, sensing that there was potential for our materials to be used in that industry, I persisted in telling the customer about the benefits of using defoaming agents and carefully explained the usage method and product selection, which led to their adoption. Later on, the customer told me that “Without your defoaming agents, we would be in big trouble. I want you to keep supplying them to us from now on.” That made me really happy. It taught me once again that while customers and material manufacturers have different perspectives, by confirming with them until I understand what they truly want, adopting a shared perspective, and working toward a common target, we become a team with the aim of improving society.

4. What do you want to focus on in your business activities in the future?
I will contribute to a better society and environment by increasing the range of products we can offer to customers and conveying the appeal of our materials to untapped markets and regions, not only in Japan but also around the world.