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Special Functional Products Dept.

SHIN-ETSU SIFEL liquid fluoroelastomers, Pellicles, Anode material of lithium ion batteries, Silica, Optical isolators
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SHIN-ETSU SIFEL liquid fluoroelastomers

Shin-Etsu Chemical was the first company in the world to succeed in developing the liquid fluoroelastomers SHIN-ETSU SIFEL, which by using silicone addition-reaction technology can be made into a form which hardens into a flexible, solid synthetic rubber upon heating. Compared to previous such products, SHIN-ETSU SIFEL has many superior properties and excellent processability. Its advantages include better resistance to cold, oils, solvents, and chemicals. SHIN-ETSU SIFEL is expected to contribute to improved products in a wide range of fields, including automotive, aircraft, electronics, office equipment and petrochemical industries.

SIFEL can be produced in either liquid or paste form, so it is excellently suited to processing. It is even possible to shape it using liquid injection molding systems.
In addition to its use as a molding material, SHIN-ETSU SIFEL is widely used as a material for such applications as an adhesive/ coating for electronics materials and as a protective potting gel.

SIFEL can withstand temperatures as low as -50ºC, and has excellent low-temperature properties.

SIFEL is expected to find active use in fields such as transportation where it will be subjected to severe conditions.

Pellicles are dust covers used for photomask in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Shin-Etsu pellicles increase the yield of the photo lithography process. Shin-Etsu Chemicals, using technology developed internally for the manufacture of semiconductor silicon wafers, photomask substrates and Large Scale Integration (LSI) molding compounds, can now offer high performance pellicles based on these original and unique materials and manufacturing techniques, meeting today's quality requirements.
Anode material of lithium ion batteries
SiO is a greatly promising material as an anode material of next generation lithium ion batteries that have high capacity and excellent power properties. Shin-Etsu has succeeded in putting electrical conductivity on SiO particle by using our own proprietary method. Shin-Etsu’s anode material is highly evaluated by our customers.
Fumed Silica for filler usage
Shin-Etsu’s fumed silica for filler usage possesses high purity, high specific surface area and excellent dispersibility. It is used for a wide variety of applications such as an additive for rubber and plastics, and liquidity improver of adhesives and paint.
Optical Isolators
Optical isolators are devices that allow the transmission of laser beams emitted from a laser diode to travel in only one direction. When built into the laser modules which form the light sources for optical communications, optical fiber joints, and other components, they protect the laser diode by intercepting light reflected back from the optical fiber conductors. Shin-Etsu's optical isolators have very low transmission light loss and have excellent thermal characteristics. They are effective in all optical wavelengths, including WDM (wavelength division multiplex), which transmit huge volumes of information. Shin-Etsu Chemical has implemented vertical integration of its entire production system for optical isolators, covering every process from the processing of the raw material, the garnet crystals used to form the substrate for the Faraday rotators, to the device-finishing process.
Shin-Etsu Chemical's optical isolators boast excellent wavelength characteristics and work well with any kind of optical communication system, including WDM (wavelength division multiplexing).