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Semiconductor Materials Division

High-purity semiconductor silicon, Polished wafers, Epitaxial wafers, Annealed wafers, SOI wafers
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Compound Semiconductors
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Semiconductor Silicon
As the world's leading silicon wafer (a substrate for integrated circuits) manufacturer, the Shin-Etsu Group continues to run at the leading edge of high-flatness and larger diameters in its wafer products. It has met early success with strong sales of its next-generation 300mm-diameter wafers and SOI wafers. It is steadily supplying these high-quality products to its worldwide customers. In addition, Shin-Etsu produces a whole range of GaP (gallium phosphide), AlGaInP (aluminium gallium indium phosphide) and GaAs (gallium arsenide) compound semiconductors, which act as light-emitting diodes, from single crystals to chips.
The Shin-Etsu Group is further increasing its level of technology, in single crystals, precision processing and quality control, which is already rated as the finest in the world, and is continuing to provide a steady supply of silicon wafers for ICs.
Examples of wide-rimmed single crystal silicon ingots.
Silicon wafers sliced and polished from silicon single crystals. The degree of evenness is to within 65 nanometers.

From flint rocks to main memories

Silica rock has been used since ancient times as flint for tools and fire starting. Today, this rock is used as the source for silicon metal, refined to 99.999999999% pure polycrystalline silicon ingots. Shin-Etsu has optimized its crystal-growth technology to produce single crystal wafers about 30 cm (12 in.) in diameter and 1-meter long. The crystal is grown from refined polycrystalline silicon. After it is grown, the single-crystal ingot is thinly sliced into wafers. Shin-Etsu is the world's largest producer of silicon wafers and has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Asia, America and Europe.

Aircraft can be considered an assemblage of the latest modern technology. These days, without ICs, they would all be grounded.

Mobile phones, PCs... all around us, almost all digital products use ICs.

Compound semiconductors are widely used in LED displays in large signboards.



About worldwide network
Semiconductor silicon is in demand from manufacturers of electronic devices as substrates for integrated circuits. In order to meet this, it is necessary to establish a stable supply system through high technology in single crystal growing, processing and quality control. Currently, Shin-Etsu Handotai has established local subsidiary companies in the United States, Malaysia, U.K. and Taiwan, which produce high-quality semiconductor silicon. It is fulfilling its responsibilities as the world's largest producer and supplier of these.
North America Asia Europe
S.E.H. America, Inc. S.E.H. Taiwan Co., Ltd.
S.E.H. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
S.E.H. (Shah Alam) Sdn. Bhd.
S.E.H. Europe, Ltd.(Britain)

S.E.H. America, Inc.

S.E.H. Taiwan Co., Ltd.

S.E.H. Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

S.E.H. Europe, Ltd.
300mm silicon wafers
With the arrival of the era of full-scale mass production of 300mm wafers, customers' expectations on silicon wafers are increasingly high. As a pioneer in the world silicon market, Shin-Etsu Handotai (SEH) took the head start of the mass production of 300mm and has established a system ensuring a stable supply to the market.
In responding to even higher requirements from the customers for the future, we continue the incessant efforts and challenges for the quality improvements.


  • We have respond to the growing market demand in timely manner with our capacity expansions since the starting of the mass production in February 2001.
  • Our products can meet the 0.13um design rule process and beyond.
  • Our product portfolio covers wide range of the customers' various requirements.


  • Substrates for memory devices, microprocessor devices, etc.


Product Data

IG-NANA wafers
IG-NANA wafers (annealed wafers) can be used in wide range of device processes, from high-temperature processes to low-temperature processes. This product can provide high device performances at a reasonable cost.


  • Enhancement of the "getter effect" is achieved with the presence of highly-densed and highly uniformed BMD in the bulk.
  • The surface layer is defect-free.
  • Suitable for advanced technology processes with narrow design rule
  • Available also in 300mm


  • Substrates for memory devices, logic devices, etc.


Product Data

SOI (Silicon On Insulator) wafers
SOI wafers, with the structure having insulated oxide film under active silicon layer, are promising semiconductor material for leading edge devices such as high speed and low power consumption LSI, smart sensors, smart power devices and MEMS.


  • Excellent thickness uniformity of SOI layer
  • SOI crystal quality equivalent to bulk Silicon wafers
  • Buried oxide film quality being equivalent to thermal oxide
  • Available for volume supply


Options: the customers can specify the following items
  • SOI layer thickness and resistivity
  • Specification of base and bond wafer
  • Buried oxide layer thickness


  • High speed/low power/low voltage ICs
  • System-On-Chip LSI
  • High-temperature electronics
  • Radiation-hardened circuits
  • Smart power devices
  • Smart sensors


Product Data

Compound Semiconductors
Due to the widespread use of LEDs, compound semiconductors combining multiple elements have become familiar to our daily life. Shin-Etsu Handotai has been engaged in development of compound semiconductor material since 1975, manufacturing crystallized gallium phosphorus (GaP) and gallium arsenide (GaAs), polished wafer, epitaxial product, high brightness AlGaInP, AlGaAs LED chips, etc.
Furthermore, we offer a wide range of products for various new applications which in addition to the conventional visible light (yellow-green to red) region, till infrared region used in sensor, monitoring camera, etc.


Product Data