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Organic Chemicals Division

Cellulose & Pharmaceutical Excipients Dept.

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Cellulose Derivatives
Cellulose derivatives are made from pulp and are a nature-friendly material. Cellulose is a main component of vegetable fiber and is water insoluble. Shin-Etsu Chemical has replaced a portion of that molecule, making a water-soluble "cellulose derivative," which it has marketed. By making various substitutions in the molecule, we have succeeded at developing products with a variety of characteristics. Their uses are also diverse, and include construction, civil engi-neering, ceramics, and paper processing just to start with, and they are also finding active use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and toiletry fields, where safety is a primary concern. Shin-Etsu Chemical began producing cellulose derivatives in 1962, and at present it boasts the biggest domestic market share in Japan.

Cellulose derivatives for pharmaceutical use are used as coatings and binder for pills. The material can be adjusted to allow release of the medicine in the stomach or intestines or to provide sustained release as desired.

Cellulose derivatives can be used as an additive in concrete mixtures which do not separate under water. This is useful for protecting water quality during construction.

If a small amount of cellulose derivatives is added to body soap or shampoo, it produces a longer-lasting, finer, creamier foam.

Cellulose derivatives have made it easy to produce extruded-form siding materials for use in walls of housing.


Fine Chemicals Dept.

Aroma chemicals, Synthetic pheromones
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Synthetic Pheromones
Synthetic pheromones represent a new breeding prevention method for orchard pest control. They offer growers a good way to drastically reduce the use of pesticides. The idea is to use an artificially synthesized scent, synthetic pheromones, to disrupt mating communication between male and female pests, thus preventing them from mating and lowering the population density of the next generation of these pests. These pheromones have no effect on beneficial insects, such as pests' natural enemies or on other living things. Synthetic pheromones are getting attention as a new type of breeding prevention pest control agent that utilizes the power that nature naturally creates.
Synthetic pheromones used in orchards as a mating disruptant to harmful pests.
Aroma Chemicals
Shin-Etsu Chemical is producing more than 20 kinds of aroma chemicals. The chemical com-positions of natural fragrances and flavors are studied, and then the same are produced artificially or chemical substances with similar scents are combined. These are used widely in perfumes, cosmetics and aromatic agents.

Aroma chemicals are widely used as scents in bath additives.