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New Functional Materials Dept.

Photoresists, Photomask Blanks
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Shin-Etsu Chemical has merchandised photoresists for excimer lasers as a photosensitive material used in inscribing semiconductor circuitry, and also met success in developing pellicles, which are the protective dust covers used for photomasks with excimer lasers. In this way, the Shin-Etsu Group has been able to build up a system for supplying the principal materials needed in the lithography process for manufacturing semiconductor devices.

Photoresist patterning wafer.

Photomask Blanks
Photomask blanks are the base material of photomasks that are used as the patterning templates of circuit during the semiconductor lithography process. The light-shielding layer is formed on the surface of photomask blanks whose substrate is synthetic quartz.


Instead of Chromium (Cr) used for conventional light-shielding layer of photomask blanks, Shin-Etsu has developed the new manufacturing processes to use cutting-edge Molybdenum-Silicon Binary (OMOG: Opaque MoSi On Glass) for light -shielding layer. Shin-Etsu has established the mass-production technology of such most advanced photomask blanks with its superior etching characteristics. Shin-Etsu’s photomask blanks are highly evaluated by device makers as an essential material for cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes.

In addition, Shin-Etsu supplies attenuated phase-shift photomask blanks for ArF and KrF, which respond to customers’ needs.