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International Division

Silicon metal, Technology and plant exports, Export /import work to unite equipment/product, Anti-scale agent
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Silicon Metal
Silicon metal is a key raw material of silicone, semiconductor silicon and synthetic quartz. In order to strengthen its stable supply system in the silicon chemical field, one of the company's main business pillars, the Shin-Etsu Group has implemented its own silicon production system starting from the raw material silicon metal.

Silicon metal is used as a key raw material for silicone, semiconductor silicon and synthetic quartz.

Plant Exports
Shin-Etsu Chemical's production technologies for various kinds of products are highly evaluated internationally, as are our products. Thus far, Shin-Etsu Chemical has exported its technology and plants to 28 countries for 82 projects, helping to meet the development needs of those countries. In particular, Shin-Etsu's New PVC Process, our highly advanced PVC polymerization technology, is now being used worldwide to produce high-quality products.

Manufacturing plants using Shin-Etsu Chemical's original technology are operating in all parts of the world.