Fumed Silica for filler usage

(Fumed Silica)

Shin-Etsu’s fumed silica for filler usage possesses high purity, high specific surface area and excellent dispersibility. It is used for a wide variety of applications such as an additive for rubber and plastics, and liquidity improver of adhesives and paints.

Series Name

  • MU-series


  • Improves anti-sagging : adhesives, paints, epoxy resin, lubricating greases
  • Reingforces : synthetic rubbers, reinforced plastics
  • Improves powder flowability : toners, cosmetics, digestive, agricultural chemicals
  • Prevents sedimentation : inks, paints, the liquid polymers
  • Improves water resistance : adhesives, inks, paints, synthetic rubbers, reinforced plastics
  • Improves abradability : abrasives, waxes
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