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Message from Management


Chihiro Kanagawa


Yasuhiko Saitoh

The mission of the Shin-Etsu Group is to strictly comply with all laws and regulations, conduct fair business practices and contribute to people’s daily lives as well as to the advance of industry and society by providing key materials and technologies. We constantly seek the best possible technologies and product quality.


Introducing our main products
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is widely used worldwide as a basic material essential to housing as well as vital infrastructure components. Moreover, unlike other plastic products, about 60% of PVC’s raw material is salt. It has a low dependency on limited oil and natural gas resources, and it is an environmentally friendly product. With its superior environmental characteristics, products made from PVC are contributing to energy saving. Shintech, Inc. in the U.S., which possesses the world’s largest PVC production capacity, is offering high-quality PVC products to customers worldwide due to its strength in having integrated production plants from raw materials and its assiduous sales activities.


Semiconductor devices are widely used in PCs and other electronics products such as tablets, smartphones and mobile phones, automobiles and home appliances. Silicon wafers are used as substrate in making semiconductor devices and the Shin-Etsu Group pursues the world’s highest level of product quality and contributes to the high efficiency of semiconductor devices. At the same time, by reliably supplying silicon wafers to customers from each of our global production bases, we are contributing to the stable production of semiconductor devices.


Silicones are used in a wide range of application fields such as automobiles, electronics equipment, cosmetics, building construction materials and food, and the Shin-Etsu Group produces over 5,000 kinds of versatile silicone products. The many superior characteristics silicones possess make our daily lives richer and more comfortable.


Rare earth magnets are used in hybrid cars and electric cars and in motors for wind power generation. These magnets are contributing greatly to energy saving. In addition, cellulose products are environmentally friendly materials made from wood pulp and used as construction materials as well as coating and binding agents for pharmaceuticals.


Globally developing our businesses
The Shin-Etsu Group is manufacturing a wide diversity of products at our numerous production bases in various countries around the world. At present, about two thirds of our net sales are made outside of Japan. In our PVC business, Shintech, which is the world’s largest producer of PVC, sells to worldwide customers in addition to its domestic U.S. customers. In our silicon wafers business, in addition to Japan, we have production bases in the U.S., Malaysia, United Kingdom and Taiwan and are carrying out business risk dispersion. In addition, we have set up manufacturing and sales bases for various businesses in many countries, including China and other countries in Asia where strong economic growth is expected, and we are proactively making investments in anticipation of future demand expansion.


Pursuing Research and Development
The Shin-Etsu Group’s R&D policy is to develop innovative technologies which will further differentiate our products and raise value to avoid competition based on price. The R&D Department is committed to developing and then speeding up the commercialization of new products through its activities.


Contributing to society
As a company trusted by society, Shin-Etsu in all of our corporate activities always sets safety and the environment our utmost priority. We are also focusing on contributing to the conservation of the global environment through our key materials products and technologies.


The Shin-Etsu Group will strive to further enhance the products, sales force, manufacturing technologies and development power that we have cultivated up to now, and by continuing to speedily respond to business challenges around the globe, going forward, we will also continue to contribute to the development of society.