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Silicone Division

Sales and Marketing Department I

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Silanes, Resins

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Rubber, LIMS

Thermal conductive silicone rubber sheets, Heat shrinkable rubber tubings Other processed products

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RTV Rubber, Grease and Fluid compounds
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Sealant(Construction use)


Silicone's basic structure is a siloxane combination with alternating silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) atoms. By combining some of the silicon atoms with different organic radicals, various product forms can be obtained.
Silicones have characteristics of both organic and inorganic materials. They are high-function resins featuring a number of properties such as resistance to heat, cold, weather, and water, as well as anti-foaming, adhesive, anti-sticking and electrical insulation. They can be prepared in a variety of forms such as oil, resin, rubber, liquid rubber, or silane. Moreover, it is possible to find new functions for these established properties as well as the combinations with the properties of other materials to achieve new degrees of functionality. The Shin-Etsu Group is making use of their unique properties to provide highly value-added products for all kinds of industries from electronics and electricity to automobiles, construction, cosmetics and foods.

Silicone rubber is used in the paper feed drum of printers and copy machines. It combines the highly desirable properties of heat resistance with an appropriate ability to release paper.

Silicones are used as sealants for electronics materials and components that are used on-board satellites and as potting agents.

(Photos courtesy of Japan's National Space Development Agency)

Silicones are used as modifying agents for resins used in artificial marble, and thus are helping to improve its functions.

Silicones are essential products necessary in the construction of modern buildings, starting with applications as sealants for window glass.

(Photo:National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)



About worldwide network
Silicones have a wide range of applications, offering a diverse variety of functions that add value to more than 4,000 products. This has necessitated a dynamic system where market trends are perceived quickly and, in response, changes are swift. The Shin-Etsu Group is developing production and sales bases in the United States, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and the Netherlands in addition to its original ones in Japan, as well as creating a supply system directly linked to each of the markets.
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