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Electronics Materials Division

Magnet Dept.

Rare earth magnets (Nd-type, Sm-type, Ce-type)
Rare earth oxides, Rare earth compounds, Rare earth metals, Other new materials
Rare earth magnets
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Rare earth, Rare earth compounds
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Rare Earths
"Rare earth" is the general designation for 17 elements, including the 15-element lanthanoide series plus yttrium and scandium.

Using its high-level separating and refining technology, Shin-Etsu Chemical is extracting and merchandising various kinds of highly purified rare earths. Rare earths are used in cathode ray tubes and fluorescent lamps, including lights, as a sintering promoting additive to ceramics, etc., contributing to increased functionality. They are also used in electronic parts; automobile sensors; MO, MD and other magneto-optical disks; high-performance catalysts; fuel cells, etc., and a wide range of uses is anticipated for them in the future, especially in high-tech fields.

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Rare earths are also used as recording materials in MO, MD and other magneto-optical disks.

Rare earths are used for fluorescing elements in plasma display panels, contributing to better color quality.

Rare earths find a wide range of active uses as fluorescent materials, from the large lights used at sporting events to the fluorescent lamps used in homes and offices.

Rare Earth Magnets for General Industrial Use
A variety of rare earth magnets, which are applied for diverse usages, including for voice coil motors (VCM) for hard disk drives (HDDs).
Shin-Etsu Chemical produces a complete range of rare earth magnets from rare earth raw materials, including neodymium, samarium and cerium, and they are highly evaluated. The range of their uses spans a broad field, from stereo headphones to such applications as car sensors and actuators, and motors for hybrid vehicles. In addition, Shin-Etsu Chemical makes use of its own unique manufacturing technology, “new alloy method enhanced by grain boundary diffusion”, thus providing highly distinctive, high-quality rare earth magnets.

Rare earth magnets are used in the earphone part of headphone stereos, making lighter weights and smaller sizes possible.

Rare earth magnets are also applied in the motors of wind power generators, thus helping in society's efforts to conserve energy and protect the environment.

Rare Earth Magnets for Electronics Industry Use
Rare earth magnets are an indispensable material because they are used as drives for the magnetic heads which perform the reading function for hard disk drives (HDD), a main component of personal computers. They are long-lasting, highly functional magnets, possessing magnetic strength about ten times that of ferrite magnets. In addition to their use in HDDs, they contribute to reduced size, weight and energy consumption, along with higher functionality in optical pick-ups and other electronic and magnetic parts. Shin-Etsu Chemical produces a whole range of rare earth products, from separation and refinement of rare earth raw materials to processing and assembly in magnetic circuit component. We make the most of the merits of these materials, meeting the needs of our customers by providing a steady supply of products, quickly developing new products to meet specific uses and purposes, and thoroughly controlling product quality.

Rare earth magnets used in HDDs of computers and house-hold electronic products.

Rare earth magnets are also used in the optical pick-up part of CD-ROM drives.

The personal computer (PC) plays an indispensable role in the information society. Shin-Etsu Chemical's products and technologies are applied in ICs, hard disk drives (HDDs) and other parts.

Organic Electronics Materials Dept.

Semiconductor encapsulating Materials, Junction coating resins, Silicone for optical fiber coating, High purity silanes
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Epoxy Molding Compounds

In terms of "CSP" and "SIP" orientation, progress has been made in making encapsulating materials for semiconductor devices more suited to demands for greater compactness. Shin-Etsu Chemical is using the high degree of technology which has cultivated through development of all kinds of silicone to develop epoxy molding compounds and liquid epoxy encapsulating materials using a new flame-resistant system. It is thus meeting the needs of the times.

Coating Resins for Semiconductor and LED

Coating resins are used to protect semiconductors, LED devices, and electronics parts both magnetically and mechanically. They are contributing to improved reliability.

Optical Fiber Coatings

Extremely fine optical fibers have a cross-sectional diameter of only 125 microns. Optical fiber coatings provide the coating for these fine optical fibers. Optical fiber coatings protect the surface while contributing to greater strength.

Optical fiber coatings protect optical fibers, thus protecting the reliability of our information infrastructure, which is said to be the lifeline of modern society.